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We hope you’re enjoying IndexGain to research and to connect to other traders.

On our free plan, traders get access to 3 of the 30+ BuzzPro reports, entry to our 10,000+ member trader community and a basic version of the BuzzBot player report.

Our premium plan gives traders access to a whole world of data and tools. We’re excited to have Opta as our official partner. Opta are the world leaders in sports data and we now provide it for all your research needs. For every ‘Match-day’ dividend league. For every ‘Match-day’ dividend tournament, and yes that includes the Euro qualifiers.

This article details what other useful data, reports and features IndexGain premium members receive, and how can help you make a bigger profit.

Research on the Move with BuzzBot for Slack

Access a wealth of Football Index data and player stats on the Slack app using the BuzzBot, our siri style mobile trading assistant.

Through a series of commands, BuzzBot can generate personalised live price move reports, player stats, dividends, live performance scores & much more all via your phone so you can research whilst on the move. Get the information you want anytime, anywhere.

Rashford Info Report

Want to view a players match day scores for the season so far on your mobile whilst waiting for the bus?

Or to check previous dividend wins of a player whilst sat on a train?

Use BuzzBot on Slack to get all the data you need to do simple research.

Managing your Portfolio made easy using our new feature - MyIG

Our latest feature MyIG helps traders manage their portfolios as well as let them view real-time spreads and prices across the entire index. Analyse price moves for your players over multiple time periods simultaneously. Browse the entire Football Index Universe and filter by age, league, team, price and even spreads to look for potential buys or to add to your very own MyIG watchlist.

Track Your Portfolio Movements using MyPort Tool

Monitor your portfolio movements using BuzzBot. Simply add players to MyIG and you can then run price move reports against your portfolio to view the latest movers and shakers in your portfolio.

This tool takes away the pain of not knowing who has risen or fallen within your portfolio over any time frame, be it 2 hours or 30 days.

Even better, you now receive personalised price alerts for the players you are holding and/ or watching. If one of your players makes a big price move in either direction and you’ll get notified with a notification straight to your mobile or desktop.

Check out this YouTube video showing you how to add players to MyPort and then running price move reports.

BuzzBot will also send you a morning summary of your portfolio movers at 8am each day.

Additional Slack Bonus Features – News, Faster Price Moves and More

With Premium membership you also get access to hidden extra channels and features within our Slack community.

  • Match Day Channel – Our most popular (and busy) and channel. A place for traders to discuss the games, goals, assists and player performances as they happen.
  • News Alerts Channel – sources transfer related articles the moment they are published from various news outlets, mirroring sites that contribute towards media buzz (bbc, guardian etc). Latest news, fast & all published in one place.
  • MyList watch list tracker – add players to your watch list and get price alerts for when they rise or fall over set percentages.
  • 15 minute Price Alerts Premium Channel – BuzzBot scans for player price moves every 15 minutes*  bigger than 5% (Squad players) and 2% (top 200) with the player moves then being published in the Premium Price Alerts channel. Get a heads up on the price moves as they happen.

* The free plan also comes with Price Alerts, but Price Alerts Premium checks prices every 60 minutes rather than 15 meaning you get with Premium. Remember you can set up mobile/desktop notifications so you get alerted about the players you are interested in.

  • Premium Members Channel – a channel specifically for conversation relating to premium features, premium trading techniques and general support.

With Premium membership you also get access to hidden extra channels and features within our Slack community.

Advanced BuzzPro Reports for Premium Members

BuzzPro is a suite of online reports available on our website, designed to allow you to make more informed trading decisions using player data and Opta match stats to enable in-depth player and team research.

These reports include data such as match day stats, price change trends and dividend win history, through to advanced player analysis and cerebral ‘what if’ style implied dividends reports.

Even better, BuzzPro now takes actual Opta match data and fuses it with existing Football Index based stats to produce reports blending both sets of statistics together.


This takes player research to a level not possible until now!

Want to know how many shots Rashford made for a particular game? Is he scoring points on Football Index consistently this season? Did he get that game winning goal? Make any assists? Number of crosses made? What was his match day score? Average minutes on the pitch this season?

You can get all these questions answered and more on BuzzPro in seconds for any player from any match.

Here’s what some other traders say about Premium membership.

Rob Phillips said…

“I really wish IndexGain and Premium membership was available when I built my portfolio”

Chrissie who is a popular trader on IndexGain says…

“Since being introduced to IndexGain I haven’t looked back. I now own a successful portfolio thanks to the detailed research tools, the active community and the ability to stay on top of relevant stats through notifications.”

And the ever respectable FootballIndex Futures Trader who made 100,000 profit in 2018…

“BuzzBot is an incredibly useful tool to research possible player buys.

Now BuzzPro has came along and taken the site to the absolute next level and beyond. This site is built BY traders FOR traders and is my absolute ‘go to’ place for research.”

So, if you want to be armed with a mass of useful data to help you build a better portfolio then upgrade today.

Upgrade to Premium Membership for £8.99 p/m

Make the most of your football index investment by utilising our suite of advanced reports & trading tools to help maximise your profits for the footballing season.

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