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Maximise your Football Index Trading

Connect with 8000+ trader community to share ideas & strategies

Interactive analytical reports for player research. Powered by Opta.

BuzzBot mobile stats, reports & portfolio tracker

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Official Partner

Maximise your Football Index Trading

Connect with 8000+ traders

Opta powered web reports for player research

BuzzBot mobile reports & portfolio tracker

Price and news alerts to any device

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Football Index Data & Trader Community in One Place




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BuzzBot Commands


Analytical Reports


NEW! MyIG Portfolio Management Tool

  • Monitor portfolio & view gains and losses over time
  • Analyse player moves over multiple price move periods simultaneously
  • Receive player price alert notifications straight to phone via Slack
  • Filter portfolio by competition, team, position, age, prices and spreads
  • Automatically synced between MyIG and MyPort/MyList on Slack
  • Search for buys using price, spreads and more

Membership Features

BuzzBot Trading Tool

Get access to our mobile trading assistant right on your mobile device. Enter specific commands and BuzzBot will return PB/MB data, dividend statistics and player information to help you research your next star portfolio buy.

BuzzPro Advanced Reports

Get access to our BuzzPro reports, powered by Opta, where you can find players to research on Football Index. Filter reports by appearances, average scores, dividend wins or peak scores or even compare players side by side.

Portfolio Management

Access MyIG which is a portfolio manger and price analysis tool to help you analyse price movements, spreads and profit and losses of your portfolio over 24h, 3d and 7d timeframes.

Price Alerts

Get the latest price movers straight onto your mobile. See who is moving up in price or down in price periodically or alternatively, members can use BuzzBot to see price moves over longer time frames so pick up on long term trends.

Match Day Stats Data

View player match day scores from this season on your mobile or via our BuzzPro reports. Quickly see who is performing well and won dividends anytime, anywhere on your mobile device.

Join the Community

With over 8000 traders on IndexGain you can tap in to a wealth of knowledge and share strategies, share portfolio tips, ask for help and learn from other traders and experiences to help improve your own portfolio.

Membership Plans

Join over 8000 traders on IndexGain and make full use of the tools and reports to help you become a better trader and increase your profits.



  • Chat to over 5000 traders on the popular Slack app
  • Get price change alerts every 60 mins


BuzzPro is a series of detailed analytical football index reports for when you want to perform more detailed research.

  • Analyse basic Football Index stats
  • See who has won dividends previously
  • See upcoming fixtures by match day type (no difficulty indictor)


  • Portfolio management tool and price analysis
  • Review spreads for every player
  • Sort and filter players by age, position, team & more


  • Chat to over 8000 traders on the popular Slack app
  • Discuss strategies, breaking news and transfer rumours
  • Exclusive match day chat channel for quick goal alerts & updates
  • Get price change alerts every 15 mins
  • Breaking news all in one place with our Premium news feed
  • Research player stats & team reports using BuzzBot
  • Track your portfolio risers and fallers & get alerts
  • Run your own price moves by team, age, league and more
  • Get personalised price alerts to help manage buys/sells


BuzzPro is a series of detailed analytical football index reports on the IndexGain website.

  • Over 25 detailed data reports available (powered by Opta stats)
  • Filter every report by age, team, position, price and more
  • View data & match stats for every player on Football Index
  • Analyse Media Buzz scores, headlines, count of articles and more
  • See who has won dividends previously & historic match day scores
  • Compare Opta stats for every players data side by side
  • Fixture difficulty and planning tools
  • Compare and analyse price trends over season or last few days
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What Traders Say....

  • Homepage v2
    "Always go to IndexGain for the answer"

    IndexGain has helped me so much with my Football Index activity. If I have an FI question then I always go to IndexGain for the answer.

    They’ve got a forum, price and buzz alert features and now the brilliant BuzzPro for player analysis. Overall it’s really impressive and great for new and experienced traders alike.

    Football Index Big Don
  • Homepage v2
    "Thanks to the detailed research tools"

    Since being introduced to IndexGain I haven’t looked back. I now own a successful portfolio thanks to the detailed research tools, the active community and the ability to stay on top of relevant stats through notifications.

    Thank you IndexGain!

  • Homepage v2
    "Absolute next level and beyond"

    BuzzBot is an incredibly useful tool to research possible player buys.

    Now BuzzPro has came along and taken the site to the absolute next level and beyond. This site is built BY traders FOR traders and is my absolute ‘go to’ place for research.

    Football Index Futures Trader

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