Portfolio Manager and Player Screener

MyIG is a portfolio management tool for Football Index traders who want to better manage both portfolio and watchlists, but really that’s only half the story as it does much much more too, including some nifty features to help spot some player bargains!

  • Monitor Portfolio. View gains and losses over time
  • Analyse Portfolio. View player moves over multiple price move periods simultaneously
  • Receive player price alert notifications straight to phone via Slack
  • Filter Portfolio by competition, team, position, age, prices and spreads
  • Automatically synced between MyIG and MyPort/MyList on Slack
  • Search for buys using price, spreads and more
  • Works on desktop and mobile (fully responsive)

MyIndexGain Features

Portfolio Value in Real Time

View your portfolio value on the MyIG portfolio dashboard in real time and track your total portfolio movements over 1, 3 and 7 days.

Filter and sort your portfolio by various metrics & criteria such as age, position, league and more. You can even select the price change timeframes from short, medium or long giving you the option to find those risers & fallers quickly.

Watchlist Manager & Price Scouting Tool

Keep an eye on those potential buys by adding them to MyIG watchlist allowing you to filter and sort the same way as your portfolio to time those buys and bids to perfection.

By adding players to your watchlist, you will receive alerts for price moves via BuzzBot on the Slack app.

Portfolio Distributions & Weightings

Understand how your portfolio is distributed by position, age, league and the rank of the players. This helps you understand if your portfolio is geared towards a certain style or overweight in specific areas.

Too many players over 30? Let MyIG then help you scout for youth players using the filters using the player screener. Likewise, if you have a portfolio heavily weighted towards one league, you may want to refocus elsewhere.

Browse the entire Football Index Player Universe

Included in MyIG is the ‘Player Universe’ which allows you to view the entire list of players available on Football Index.

Sort by various columns to look for potential buys or for players to add to your watchlist, for example sort by spread to see the players available at the widest spread, or by 10 minute price moves to see who might be picking up steam.

Price Alerts for Portfolio and Watchlist

Get notified of significant price changes of players in your portfolio or watchlist on your mobile via the Slack app.

Price alerts help to keep on top of breaking news or injuries during match days when a players price increases or falls quickly.

Made for Small and Large Screens

Whether you are on a desktop or laptop or on the move on your mobile, you can be rest assured that MyIG works on all devices.

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