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Our free membership level gives you access to our 10,000+ trader community via the Slack platform, 60 minute price change alerts, match day and media buzz score alerts and BuzzBot’s basic player info reports.

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Premium level gives you access to everything as above but also access to all BuzzBot commands and access to BuzzPro interactive data reports with match stats as well as 15 minute price change alerts and breaking news alerts.

Premium members also get the popular MyPort and Watch List portfolio tracker tool to help you keep on top of the movements in your portfolio.

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All the great tools and features as our PREMIUM membership but get 1 month FREE with our 6 month plan.

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    "Always go to IndexGain for the answer"

    IndexGain has helped me so much with my Football Index activity. If I have an FI question then I always go to IndexGain for the answer.

    Football Index Big Don
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    "Thanks to the detailed research tools"

    Since being introduced to IndexGain I haven’t looked back. I now own a successful portfolio thanks to the detailed research tools, the active community and the ability to stay on top of relevant stats through notifications.

    Thank you IndexGain!

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    "Absolute next level and beyond"

    BuzzBot is an incredibly useful tool to research possible player buys.

    Now BuzzPro has came along and taken the site to the absolute next level and beyond. This site is built BY traders FOR traders and is my absolute ‘go to’ place for research.

    Football Index Futures Trader
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