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BuzzBot can be used on Slack app to provide you with data and reports for any player or team right on your mobile device if you’re using the Slack mobile app. BuzzBot can be used on the desktop app and on browser too.

Here’s a list of the most popular commands:

The full list can be found here.

To start using BuzzBot you just simply type a set command into the message box followed by a series of parameters or codes for which type of info you are wanting to view.

For example, in the message box type /igplayerinfo Kane as shown below.

Press enter and you get a report showing you everything you need to know about Kane – his performances, dividend wins and top scores as well as upcoming fixtures.

Now try, /igmoves 4h and hit enter.

You should now get a price move report showing you all the risers and fallers over the last 4 hours.

Example of how to use BuzzBot if you want to view average match day scores by team:

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