Tidying Up Your Channels

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Tidy Up Your Channels

Take an audit of your channel subscriptions. Maybe you joined an event-specific chat that’s been dormant for months. You can leave these channels by selecting the channel name, navigating to the gear icon at the top, and choosing “Leave Channel.”

For channels you can’t quite bear to leave but don’t need to check very often, choose “Mute Channel” instead. This will inoculate you from notifications without sacrificing your membership to the group.

Next, organize your channels by importance. Channels you check multiple times per day should get a “star.” This will send them to the top of the sidebar. Select the channel you want to prioritize, then click the star icon at the top of the channel, just beneath the channel name.

Hide everything else. (Yes, really. Just do it.)

You’ve denoted your most important subscriptions; everything else is just clutter. To do this, click your name at the top left corner of Slack, then select Preferences. Click on “Sidebar,” then select “Unreads and starred conversations.”

This will keep your starred channels within view, and will show unread direct messages, but won’t display everything else. This will make everything feel a lot more tidy, you can read more here about how to manage your sidebar.

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