How do IPO’s work on Football Index? How are Players Added?

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New players are added onto the index via IPO’s which stands for initial player offering.

Football Index determine the IPO price depending on their valuation for initial launch. A popular player could be introduced as high as £2.50 or more and a less so popular player low as 80p.

Football Index announce players to be added to the index 24 hours before on the website or via their twitter account. So keep this site bookmarked and make sure you follow Fi on twitter.

Here’s an example of what they publish:

As you can see, a player is given a price at the approximate time window of being added to the website.

Players are added at random times, you just won’t know when – if you really want a player, you’d have to watch the ticker all day but even then, it means you won’t be the first to buy.

Sometimes you’ll get 5 IPO’s per day and sometimes there will be as many as 15.

There is also no list whereby you can see who is a priority or not – it’s pretty much a random selection but we feel that as we approach the new season that many of the new teams who got promoted will be added as a priority.

Each IPO day is random, it’s not everyday or a set day in the week. Although this process may change as we approach the 19/20 season.

Some things to be mindful of when it’s IPO time:

  1. Popular players will jump in price almost instantly so don’t be alarmed when he’s not at the price he was supposed to be IPO’d at.
  2. You need to keep searching for players to find them on the website/app. Sometimes the list of players all flash green at the same time which indicates a player has been added
  3. There’s a lot of volatility in the minutes after a player is added
  4. There are lots of traders looking to make a quick profit (flippers) so expect prices to fluctuate for a few mins
  5. Price usually settles after about 20 mins
  6. Instant is disabled most of the time – usually for a week or two.
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