How do I view a players scoring and dividend history?

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Using BuzzBot on Slack, you can type /igscores followed by the players name to bring up his info report.

Example, entering /igscores Luis Alberto will bring up his past scores and dividends won for any match day.

And here’s what you will see:

This contains very top level information like averages and top scores as well as dividend wins and totals.

See this video on how to do it.

If you want to do more detailed analysis, then you could also view the BuzzPro players dashboard report here. Simply select the player, select the season you want to view and then scroll through every match or sort by a metric in the table.

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Written by fiinvestor
Joined Football Index in October 2017 and focus more on PB dividend returns as I find it suits my trading style much better. Get rich slowly. Avid Leicester City supporter and FPL fanatic also.
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