How do I setup and manage MyPort and MyList?

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Here’s a quick and easy simple guide to getting MyPort set up.


Firstly you want to enter the /igplayerinfo BuzzBot command to bring up the player report on Slack.

Simply type the command and the players name into the message box on any channel.

This will be the player that you want to add to your Myport or MyList watchlist. (example: /igplayerinfo Mbappe)

Once you bring up the player report, scroll down to where you see the add to MyPort button and simply click/tap on the button to add the player.

Now the player has been added to MyPort you will see a confirmation message like this…..

Once you’ve added all of your players individually to your MyPort, you are ready to view your MyPort report.


Type /igmoves myport 2h into the message area to see the price moves over the last 2 hours of the players in your portfolio.

And you should see something like this:


In order to receive alerts, you just now need to wait for players to cross specific thresholds before the alerts trigger.

Alerts will only trigger when players in certain price bands increase or decrease by specific percentage threshold:

More than £3 = 2% change
£3 to £1.50 = 3% change
£1.49 to 75p = 4% change
Less than 75p = 5% change

Alerts will be sent to you by DM and they will appear here at the bottom of your Slack screen or Slack app:

Alerts will look like this:

You will also get mobile push notifications on your mobile.

You will also get a 24 hour summary each morning showing you the days risers and fallers in your portfolio.


To remove players from MyPort, simply run the /igplayerinfo command again and click on the “Remove from MyPort” button. This will need to be done for each player you want to remove one by one.

Here’s a video going through how to manage your MyPort:

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