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Where do I Start?

There are many channels to discuss all sorts of Football Index related topics and to help ensure you stay ahead of the crowd. Say hi in any channel beginning with #chat and introduce yourself and ask questions in #help.

While holding a conversation in any channel, you can type a person’s @username to reply/notify them. You can view your latest mentions, channel messages and any highlighted words by clicking the “@” symbol in the top right corner of Slack which will show you your activity.

Editing Notifications

When you sign in to Slack for the first time, basically every type of notification imaginable is enabled.

Thankfully, Slack offers a number of different ways to manage notification overload. Each channel has individual notification preferences, so you can get notifications for every message, just your name being mentioned or nothing at all.

On desktop, you can open the channel you want to edit and tap on the name of channel at the top of the screen or on the app.

Then select “channel notification preferences” options from the menu.

On desktop, from here you can set up both mobile and desktop notifications so the alerts only go where you want them.

On mobile, it’s the same process.

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