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Firstly, welcome to Premium.

The fun starts here for researching Football Index stats and performance data to help you build a strong portfolio, pick up on the latest trends, give you new ideas for player purchases and to back up your reasons for buying. We’ve got plenty of reports to keep you busy and will answer most trader questions.

You will also have access to our 8000 strong trader community – go pick their brains. We have new members and more experienced members. Our members are always at hand to offer advice, guidance and feedback when you need it the most.

So, what are the first steps you should take to get the most out of your Premium membership?

1. Join our trader community on Slack app.

You will find a link to join in your welcome email or confirmation email when you joined – you may need to download Slack app from the app store first.

You will always have a link to Slack on your member dashboard too. Login to the IndexGain website and you’ll be redirected to your dashboard and it’s there at the top.

Once you’ve have joined, check out the channels on the left (like chat rooms) and start chatting to all the traders – or just listen to the existing convos taking place. Video tutorial on how to use Slack here.

The most common chat channels are:

#premium_chat – for all premium members
#premium_matchday – for all in-play chat during games
#chat_suggested_buys – for all traders to discuss tips and recommendations
#chat_media – for all things transfer related or breaking news

So go ahead, sign up and get involved, ask questions.

2. Familiarise yourself with our BuzzPro reports on the IndexGain website

For detailed player data, price analysis and more you will need to use our BuzzPro advanced reports.

3 of the most popular reports are:

Opta Player Screener: This report is the mack daddy of them all. It allows you to analyse football index data and Opta match stats in one place. You can also view a players historical scores here.

Advanced Price Movement: This is for studying price moves of players over a 21 day timeframe. You can filter by various stats to narrow down players who have had increases/decreases or simply not moved at all.

Advanced Overs Analysis: This report tells you which players have scored over specific scores and number of times they’ve done so. You want to pick players who have the ability to generate high scores (say over 250 points) so that you can win dividends or at least have a chance of winning dividends – or pick up more attention and generate some capital appreciation (price rise).

Here’s a video tutorial to help you get the most out of the above reports

3. Learn how to use BuzzBot on Slack (Tutorial videos on our YouTube channel)

Once you’ve got yourself set up on Slack, you can now start to type BuzzBot commands to generate reports within Slack itself.

BuzzBot is our research assistant (bot) on Slack which can run reports at your command. It works by typing a single command into the message box on Slack in any channel.

Here’s an example of where to type the command to view a player report on Kane:

And once you hit enter, you’ll generate a player report like the one below which will show you lots of stats and data about his past performance and upcoming fixtures.

All BuzzBot commands can be found here. And you can view all our tutorial videos here on our YouTube channel.

5. Setting up MyPort on Slack App (Portfolio price move tracker)

MyPort is a tool used on Slack app to help you view your portfolio performance and receive push notifications on your mobile when players in your portfolio rise in price sharply or fall in price sharply.

Below is an example of a 24 hour price move report:

Here’s a video on how to set it up:

When a player moves in price over defined thresholds, this is what the notifications look like in the app:

Once you have added all your players to MyPort, you can run price move reports on Slack using BuzzBot (e.g /igmoves myport 2h) anytime you wish and see who’s up and who’s down over any timeframe.

NOTE: There is also a watch list function which works in the same way as MyPort – they do the same thing but one is for your portfolio and the other is a simple watchlist.

5. Set up MyIG Portfolio Manager Tool

As part of your membership, you will have access to our new MyIG portfolio and player screener tool.

Here’s a tutorial video on how to set it up and what to do with it:

And that’s it. 5 things to help you get started on Premium and make use of the tools and features.

Any questions or need any help, do ask on Slack in the #help channel.

Other than that, enjoy using IndexGain.

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