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The community is a busy place, we have multiple channels to discuss all things Football Index and IndexGain related. Please follow these few pointers when posting on our Community.

1) Ensure you post to the appropriate channel when joining in the conversation, it makes things much easier to follow for everyone.

2) Create threads when replying to other traders rather than creating a brand new post which helps keep the channels clearer.

Threads let you respond directly to a message in a channel, keeping the replies neatly in a single threaded conversation. Just tap the message you want to reply to and click the Start a thread icon (or Add a Reply in the message field).

3) Any questions you might have in relation to Football Index or IndexGain, please post them in the dedicated Help channel which will ensure a timely response to your queries.

4) Channels that start with the prefix ‘Buzz’ should not be posted in. They are information only channels, with all posts being made by our bots

5) Please take a read of our terms of service in regard to communicating on the forum here. A reminder that this is a private rather than a public forum – failure to adhere to terms can lead to account suspensions.

Our moderators @Chris @thefiinvestor and @Nick who will help point people in the right direction.

Please keep it friendly and adhere to the points above so we can all benefit and learn from each other as we earn.

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