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Your step by step guide to getting started with Slack – IndexGain

Welcome to IndexGain, maximise your trading with us! Below we will take you through everything you need to get started, join the discussion and research players using both BuzzBot on Slack app and BuzzPro reports here on the website.

Make sure you also check out our YouTube channel for lots of how to videos.

1) Signup to IndexGain and Get Slack


The first step is to make sure you’ve signed up to Indexgain via our homepage. Choose one of our membership levels and as part of the registration process you will be emailed a link to our Slack site (you will need to sign up to Slack as well as IndexGain).

Slack is basically a messaging app on steroids and in the case of IndexGain, acts as a forum to bring Football Index traders together. Slack is much more versatile than traditional forum layouts however and you can tailor it to suit your needs, which is why over 8 million people use it daily worldwide. Our slack community also comes complete with multiple bots to take some of the hard work out of trading for you. One of these bots ‘Buzz’ is our Siri style assistant which answers your football index related data queries. It can generate personalised price move reports, player stats, dividends, performance scores & much more (more on this later).

IndexGain works on any device, but we recommend running this on your mobile device. Using the mobile version of the site can help you stay ahead of the markets, as our notifications mean you never miss a trading opportunity.

For download instructions, click the link for the app(s) that are right for you.


Windows Phone (beta)


Mac OS X
Linux (beta)


Utilising Slack for the first time

This is how Slack will look when you first login from a desktop. Watch this video for a quick overview of IndexGain on Slack.

On the left-hand side you will see a series of headings, these are known as ‘channels’ – on mobile you have to tap on the Slack logo to reveal.

Each channel is used to discuss various aspects of Football Index. The Getting Started channel is a good place to start, full of tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Slack. Check out below for a full channel by channel run down

TIP: While holding a conversation in any channel, you can type a person’s @username to notify them. You can view your latest @mentions, @channel messages, and any highlight words by clicking the Mentions & Reactions “@” symbol in the top right corner of Slack.


Editing Notifications

When you sign in to Slack for the first time, basically every type of notification imaginable is enabled.

It can be a little much.

Thankfully, Slack offers a number of different ways to manage notification overload. Each channel has individual notification preferences, so you can get notifications for every message, just your name being mentioned or nothing at all.

On desktop, you can open the channel you want to edit and tap on the name of channel at the top of the screen or on the app.

Then select “channel notification preferences” options from the menu.

On desktop, from here you can set up both mobile and desktop notifications so the alerts only go where you want them.

On mobile, it’s the same process.

Creating Player Notifications/Alerts

Here’s a helpful guide to setting up notifications/alerts in any channel for mentions of any specific keyword such as player names.

2) BuzzBot for Slack app

Two types of bots exist on IndexGain

  1. Automated bots scan for predefined criteria which then publish the information to the entire community once those criteria are met.
  2. BuzzBot is our customisable ‘Siri style’ bot. ‘Buzz’ is for premium subscribers only. It brings back personalised data requested by the trader that only they see to the device of their choosing. Perfect to use via your phone, get the info you need anytime, anywhere.

Automated Bots

Some channels are used only by IndexGain bots (rather than traders) to publish to. These bots are hard at work on your behalf scanning 24/7 for information to help you trade. For example, our NewsBot sources transfer related articles from various buzz contributing news outlets and publish the stories to the News Feed channel.

See below for a quick overview of the IndexGain bots and where they publish information to.

  • BuzzBot scans for player price moves over the last 60 minutes bigger than 5% (Squad players) and 2% (top 200) with the player moves then being published in the Price Alerts channel. Get a heads up on the price moves as they happen.
  • CalendarBot finds all fixtures for the week and the day ahead from leagues that contribute towards Performance Buzz and adds the matches to the Fixtures channel. It also updates the dividend payout schedule for the week ahead.
  • NewsBot sources transfer related articles the moment they are published from various news outlets, mirroring sites that contribute towards media buzz (bbc, guardian etc). Latest news, fast & all published in one place, the News Feed channel.
  • BuzzBot updates the Buzz Alert channel when new players enter the top 3 media positions. It also provides details of the previous day’s dividend winners.

Personalised BuzzBot

Buzz is our Siri style assistant which answers your football index data related queries. These include

  1. Create your own price move reports
  2. Generate player reports
  3. Find best performing players by PB scores
  4. Find best performing players by yield
  5. Find best performing players by dividends earnt
  6. Find dividend winners for any date
  7. Find buzz scores for any date

Here’s a look at how you view a players PB scores using BuzzBot:

To access the bot, in any channel type /ig to get a list of all available commands. See also here for a full list of Buzz commands with descriptions.

You can watch this video for some examples of all the major commands available

3) BuzzPro Advanced Reports

Advanced BuzzPro are available for premium subscribers whereas free members can access 3 basic reports via their member dashboards.

BuzzPro is a series of detailed analytical reports available on this website only and it is for when you want to perform more detailed research than is available through BuzzBot.

These reports are accessed via our website (see BuzzPro in the navigation?) rather than Slack where you can use BuzzBot commands to more simpler reports.

There are lots of different reports available to make your trading decisions even easier, with many featuring our unique drill down function.

These reports range from historical performance and dividends reports, through to advanced player screening and comparison tools. We recommend using your desktop or tablet when using BuzzPro, leaving BuzzBot for on the go trading on your mobile via the Slack app.

See example screenshot below of just one of our new reports, Advanced Screener with Opta Match Data is our most popular report where you can filter a range of football index data as well as actual match actions such as goals, assists and passes.

Receive a detailed comparison of their performance and media score distributions, as well as a breakdown of the dividends won.  This is just one of several reports that you can use for free now, see here for a breakdown of reports available.

4) Additional Reading (Slack like a Pro)

Some more advanced Slack tips to help you get the most out of IndexGain.

Keyword Alerts

Keywords alert you to conversations in channels you’ve joined about topics or players that interest you. Anytime someone uses one of your keywords in the channels you have enabled notification for, you’ll receive a notification and see it highlighted in yellow.

To set up keyword alerts on your mobile app just tap on the channel name, select notifications and choose “mentions or keywords”.

Once you’ve done that, you need to go to the main settings of the app by tapping on the 3 dots in the top right of your screen in any channel.

Choose notifications and then scroll down till you see “My Keywords”. Enter your keywords in here.

Here’s what it looks like on desktop/browser view:

In the example above anytime someone types ‘Messi’ into one of the channels, an alert will be generated.

Alerts will also be generated when Messi appears in the automated price move reports.

Remember, you only need to enable notifications for the channels you want to be notified for. Many members just enable it for the price move channels.

Quick Message Edit (Desktop)

Pasted the wrong link? Misspelling in your message? No problem, you can edit or delete your message with one quick key.

To quickly edit without leaving your keyboard, click the up arrow on your keyboard in the channel you typed the message, and Slack will automatically open the editor.

Block Notifications During Set Times

By default, IndexGain will not send you alerts between the hours of 10pm and 8am. You can also add your own do not disturb schedule as well as operate a snooze feature.

Star Important Messages

Clicking the Star next to any message allows you to bookmark it and keep all these important messages in one place. These messages will save in “Starred Items” in the top right corner of your Slack window. It can act as a to-do list and/or as a reference list for those links and resources that you will refer to again and again.

Hide Channels With No Activity

Instead of listing every channel you’re a member of in your sidebar, you can choose to display only the ones with unread activity. This way, channels and direct messages will only appear in your channel list when there is a message you haven’t seen yet.

Choosing to display only unread and starred conversations will make everything feel a lot more manageable, you can read more here.

View All Your Unread Messages (Desktop Only)

Browsing the All Unreads view on desktop lets you catch up on the messages you missed when you were away from Slack.

  1. From your desktop, click IndexGain in the top left.
  2. Select Preferences from the menu.
  3. Click Sidebar.
  4. Check or uncheck the box next to Show All Unreads.
NEW: Introducing Spread Alerts & Notifications on Slack. Find out more here.
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