Your step by step guide to getting started with Football Index

Welcome to Football Index.

You’re probably now wondering what to do? You’ve Googled “getting started” and you’ve landed here?

Well, read through this as it covers the basics of getting started on Football Index.

Q) What’s the first thing I should do?

First things first. Familiarise yourself with the Football Index academy website. It covers a lot but we’ve put it into bite sized chunks below.

We recommend following the #footballindex hashtag on Twitter as well as joining IndexGain Slack community (over 8000 traders) by clicking on the link at the top. Here’s a sneak preview of why football index traders should join IndexGain.

Start off by just listening to the stuff people talk about and what insights, ideas people bring to the table.

The best form of investment is in yourself – so educate yourself first.

One other thing is for sure – DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!! Never take a tip on a social site as trading or investment advice. Make sure you know what you’re buying into.

Q) How much do I really need to deposit to get started?

There’s no hard and fast rule but we do know that once you start enjoying Football Index, you will soon realise that £100 isn’t enough.

Start off small till you fully understand how it all works before going big.

And remember, only deposit what you can afford to lose – trade responsibly please.

Q) What leagues or competitions count for Football Index?

Currently, the top 5 leagues in Europe, 2 European club competitions and Euro 2020 are eligible on Football Index. It is from these competitions, you can win match day dividends or payouts as some know it as.

Q) How do you make money on Football Index?

There’s 3 ways to make money on the index.

1) Capital appreciation where the price goes up if a player is about to move clubs or is on a great run of form and demand increases.

2) Media coverage (media buzz or rankings) which earns the player points based on media coverage for transfer rumours or news from the previous match performanceThe more media mentions a player gets, the more points he racks up and at the end of the day (midnight) if he is top, then he wins you dividends (payouts).

Learn how media buzz works and the keywords used here.

That payout is called “Dividends“. More on that in the next question.

3) Performance on the pitch (match day) which earns the player performance pointsA player gets points for things like passes, crosses, tackles, saves, blocks, shots, goals etc etc. See table below. The more points he racks up during a game, the more likely that player is to win some dividends. A bit like how bonus points work in fantasy football.

The top player in each position (GK/DEF, MID, FWD) at the end of each match day wins you money, also known as dividends. And the player with the most points on that match day gets you a bonus on top (also known as Star Man).

The above screenshot shows you who has won what for the previous matchday. Each of these players earns you some money. See next question for dividend payouts.

Read about how match day dividends works here.

Q) Dividends? How much could I win?

There are 4 types of dividends on offer

  1. Match day = these are dividends related to a players performance during a match.
  2. Media = based on news stories on any day.
  3. Match Day Extra = payouts for top non-winning scores (i.e. top scores each gameweek. Find out more here)
  4. Team of the Month = top GK, top 3 defenders, top 4 mids and top 3 forwards each month. Top 3 scores combined each month.

Match day dividend payouts are dependant on how many matches are taking place that day. See table below.

NOTE: There are always promotions running so please check the promotions page for what is currently being offered by Footballl Index.

If there’s no club games on (like international breaks) then we get what’s called media days. This is payouts for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed players in the media table unlike match days where only top player is paid out media buzz dividends.

Q) So, where do these match day dividend payouts go?

They get added to your cash balance. So you could decide to buy more of someone or withdraw it to use to buy a packet of crisp or put it on a holiday deposit – depends on how much you invest obviously.

Q) What’s this deadline thing people talk about?

In order to win match day dividends, you need to have bought the player before 4pm on that day. For example, if you buy Messi at 1pm and he wins top forward that match day, then you win some money.

If you bought him at 5pm and he wins top forward that day then you don’t win match day dividends as you bought him after 4pm deadline.

Same goes for media dividends – you must have bought that player before 4pm to be eligible for winning media dividends for that day.

The table above explains the deadlines for each dividend type – try and remember the ones you actively want to trade for.

Q) So when are dividends paid out?

Match day and media dividends are paid the following day between 9am and 11am.

Match Day Extra is paid out every Friday following the end of a gameweek

Team of the month is paid out on the 2nd working day of the following month


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