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Check out the range of trading features, reports and tools available for Football Index traders

Player Research & Price Move Alerts on Your Mobile

Get access to our BuzzBot research tool on the popular messaging app called Slack. Research on your mobile anytime, anywhere and get opinions on your findings from over 8000 other traders in our Slack community.

  • View player stats & price move reports
  • View dividend winners
  • Set up your portfolio and watchlist to receive price alerts
  • Notifications for player position changes & breaking news

BuzzBot can pull up your portfolio summaries, player reports, price move data and many more reports right off the Slack app.

Detailed Opta Player & Match Stats

Get access to our suite of BuzzPro advanced data reports.

Analyse player stats, team stats, dividend winners, media buzz performance and compare players stats and price movements over time. You can also filter by age, team, position, league, price, games players and various other criteria.

For every question a trader is wanting answers to – BuzzPro reports has the answer.

MyIG Portfolio Management Tool

View your portfolio value on the MyIG portfolio dashboard in real time and track your total portfolio movements over 1, 3 and 7 days.

Filter and sort your portfolio by various metrics & criteria such as age, position, league and more. Included in MyIG is the ‘Player Universe’ which allows you to view the entire list of players available on Football Index and filter view players by age, team, position and real time spreads.

Get Help, Advice and Trading Tips

IndexGain has over 10,000 traders in its Slack community actively discussing breaking news, player performances, stats, price moves and trading strategies.

By joining our Slack community under the Free or Premium plans, you will have access to a wealth of information and support from our members for any queries you may have about Football Index, trading or for any of IndexGain features, tool or reports.

  • Ask for opinions on players
  • Discuss player performances
  • Get advice on your portfolio set up
  • Learn the rules and dividend structure

…and more.

Help is not too far away when you join IndexGain.

Check out our FREE or PREMIUM membership plans

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