What’s IndexGain?

Flick through this slide deck which goes over the ins and outs of what IndexGain is and what is has to offer traders on Football Index.

Is IndexGain Free?

Our Slack community is completely free. We offer a premium service for traders which includes additional access to Slack as well as access to both BuzzBot and BuzzPro.

But What’s Slack?

Slack is basically a messaging app on steroids and in the case of IndexGain, acts as a forum to bring Football Index traders together. There are now over 8000 members on the IndexGain Slack community.

Slack is much more versatile than traditional forum layouts however and you can tailor it to suit your needs, which is why over 8 million people use it daily worldwide. Our slack community also comes complete with multiple bots to take some of the hard work out of trading for you. Our Slack site works on any device, but we recommend running this on your mobile device. Using the mobile version of the site can help you stay ahead of the markets, as our notifications mean you never miss a trading opportunity.

What’s BuzzBot?

BuzzBot is our Siri style assistant which answers your football index related data queries and is used on the Slack app to help make research easier whilst on the move.

It can generate personalised price move reports, player stats, dividends, performance scores & much more all via your phone. Get the information you want anytime, anywhere. See our YouTube channel for videos on how it’s used.

What’s BuzzPro?

BuzzPro is a series of detailed analytical football index reports for when you want to perform more detailed research than is available through BuzzBot. There are over 25 different reports available to make your trading decisions even easier, with many featuring our unique drill down function.

These reports are accessed via the website (unlike BuzzBot which is used on Slack) by logging in if you are an existing member.

These reports range from historical performance and dividends reports, through to advanced player screening and comparison tools. BuzzPro is only accessible for Premium members.

Are you affiliated with Football Index?

No. While we are huge FootballIndex fans and are excited to create a fun, friendly and informative related service, we are not affiliated with or supported by Football Index.

How do I join?

Via our pricing page, choose the plan thats right for you and register. As part of registration we will send you an exclusive link to join our Slack site.

For our premium subscribers, we will also include details for BuzzBot and BuzzPro. See our pricing page for more details on what is included.

How do your membership plans work?

We offer a free service which is available to all just by simply registering. Our paid plan (for members who want access to premium features) pay a subscription fee which is billed monthly in advance automatically and you can pay by debit, credit or PayPal.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept all major debit and credit cards (excluding American Express) as well as payments via PayPal.

What if I want to change membership level after signup?

It’s quick and easy to switch between our different membership levels. New/ upgraded premium accounts will have instant access to BuzzPro and to our Slack site. Please allow up to 24 hours (though 90% of the time much sooner) to get access to BuzzBot and our premium Slack channels.

Other questions?

We’re always available at support@indexgain.co.uk or via the help channel in Slack. Alternatively feel free to tweet us @indexgain.

Join our 5000+ Football Index trader community on Slack for free. Click here to sign up!
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