Standard Player Screener

The Standard Player Screening Tool allows you to quickly filter down the entire Football Index player universe based on your specific search criteria and should be your first stop when researching for players. On this screen we bring together all of the core player information (team/position/age/price), along with key Performance and Media Buzz statistics, historical dividend wins and current yield data.

All data is refreshed automatically each morning meaning that you always have the latest information possible, and a key to each of the columns and filter options can be found under the screening tool.

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Screener Columns and Filters

Fi Rank

This is the players overall rank on Football Index based on their PRICE

PB Avg

The players average performance buzz score this season. Note Football Index score all players who are in the SQUAD for a game, so players who are on the bench but do not participate still score points based on whether their team wins or loses. Obviously, a the higher the average the better. But averages don’t tell the full story. A consistently high average might not necessarily be enough to push the players score into the dividend winning range. For that, we also need to look at the standard deviation…

PB StdDev

This is the Standard Deviation of the players Performance Buzz scores. A low standard deviation indicates that the players scores are very tightly distributed around the average. A higher standard deviation indicates that there is much more variability in the players scores.

PB Max

This represents the highest Performance Buzz score achieved by the player. This statistic is commonly referred to as a players ‘Peak Score’

PB Apps

This is the number of ‘appearances’ that the players has made and received a PB score for. Note that this isn’t the same as ‘games played’ or ‘games played including substitute’ as Football Index players still receive scores when benched.

PB Days

This is the number of days since the player last won a Performance Buzz Dividend

Divs Total

This is the total number of dividends received by a player, including both Performance and Media Buzz dividends.

Divs PB Total

This is the total Performance Buzz dividends received including both positional (GK+DEF/MID/FWD) and STAR PLAYER dividends

Divs PB Pos

This is the total of Position (GK+FWD/MID/FWD) Performance Buzz dividends that a player has received.

Divs PB Pos

This is the total of the STAR PLAYER dividends received for being the best overall player on a match day.

Divs Media

This is the total of Media Buzz dividends received

Yield All

This is the percent yield of dividends received versus the current buy price (eg, Divs.Total / Buy Price)

Yield PB

This is the percent yield of Performance Buzz dividends received versus the current buy price (eg, Divs.PB.Total / Buy Price)

Yield Media

This is the percent yield of Media Buzz dividends received versus the current buy price (eg, Divs.Media / Buy Price)