Winning Scores Analysis

The Winning Score Distribution Analysis chart provides a breakdown of all the dividend winning scores broken down by day type and position. This report contains four sections to represent the different day types (single/double/triple and a consolidate ‘all day type’ section on the left), and within each of these sections there are four vertical ‘box and whisker plots’ that summaries the winning scores by dividend type. This allows you to see at a glance:

  • The highest ever winning score per day and dividend type – The top of the vertical whisker
  • The lowest ever winning score per day and dividend type – The bottom of the vertical whisker
  • The average winning scores per day and dividend type – The white circle
  • The interquartile ranges of winning scores by day type – The 4 sections of the vertical plot (eg, 25% of STAR dividends scored over 253pts (as of time of writing))
  • The distribution of winning scores – The blue circles (hover over these for more information about the dividend)

For more information on interpreting these charts, please watch: Interpreting Box Plots at Khan Academy

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