Team Fixture Analysis

The Fixture Schedule allows you to view fixtures by date with the most recent at the top. As well as this, you can also see which which teams have the easiest/toughest fixtures.

Multiple variables are used to calculate the fixture difficulty rating. The table below updates daily so as to factor in most recent team form when calculating future fixture difficulty.

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Stat NameDescription
2ndKeyNumber of Secondary Key Passes
2ndKey/gNumber of Secondary Key Passes per Game
AccCrossNumber of Accurate Crosses
AccCross/gNumber of Accurate Crosses per Game
AccLongBNumber of Accurate Long Balls
AccLongB/gNumber of Accurate Long Balls per Game
AccThruB/gNumber of Accurate Through Balls per Game
AccThuBNumber of Accurate Through Balls
AdDuel/gNumber of Aerial Duels Won per Game
AduelNumber of Aerial Duels Won
AssistsNumber of Assists Made
Assists/gNumber of Assists Made per Game
AttDribNumber of Attempted Dribbles
AttDrib/gNumber of Attempted Dribbles per Game
Avg DiffivultyAverage Difficulty of Games ranging from +1(easiest) to -1 (hardest)
BigChCrNumber of Big Chances Created
BigChMissNumber of Big Chances Missed
BonusMatch Day Bonus Points. Includes Goals, GWG, Assists, Clean Sheets and Team Win/Loss points Only
Bonus AvgPlayer Average Match Day Bonus Points. Includes Goals, GWG, Assists, Clean Sheets and Team Win/Loss points Only
Cap GainCapital Gain
ClearNumber of Clearances
Closing ISInstant Sell Price for end of Date Range Selected
Closing Market SellMarket Sell Price for end of Date Range Selected
CrnWonNumber of Corners Won
CrossNumber of Total Crosses
Cross/gNumber of Total Crosses per Game
CSClean Sheets
CS/gClean Sheets per Game
DNumber of Games Drawn
DiffDifference Between Actual Dividends Earnt and Expected Dividends
Divs MediaTotal Dividends for Media
Divs PB PosTotal Match Day Dividends for Player Position Category
Divs PB StarTotal Match Day Dividends for Star Man Category
Divs TotalSum Total of all Dividends
GamesNumber of Games
GiveawayNumber of Giveaway Passes
Giveaway/gNumber of Giveawat Passes per Game
GoalsNumber of Goals Scored
Goals/gNumber of Goals Scored per Game
GWGNumber of Game Winning Goals
GWG/gNumber of Game Winning Goals per Game
HighClmNumber of Keeper High Claims
IntercptNumber of Interceptions
Intercpt/gNumber of Interceptions per Game
IPDIn Play Dividends
KeyPassNumber of Key Passes
KeyPass/gNumber of Key Passes per Game
LNumber of Games Lost
LMTLast Man Tackle
Mins/gMinutes per Game
Num OversNumber of Times Player Achieved Over the Selected Match Day Score
OGNumber of Own Goals
Opening BuyBuy Price for Start of Date Range Selected
OrankFinal Player Overall Position on Match Day
PassNumber of Passes
Pass/gNumber of Passes per Game
PB AvgMatch Day Score Average
PB BaseAverage Match Day score excluding Goals, GWG, Assists, Clean Sheets and Team Win/Loss points
PB MaxBiggest Match Day Score
PB StdDevMatch Day Score Standard Deviation
PenConcNumber of Penalties Conceded
PenMissedNumber of Penalties Missed
PenSaveNumber of Penalties Saved
PosRankFinal Player Position on Match Day
PunchNumber of Keeper Punches
RecovNumber of Ball Recoveries
Relative DifficultyDifficulty of Game ranging from +1(easiest) to -1 (hardest)
SoTNumber of Shots On Target
SoT/gNumber of Shots On Target per Game
SuccDribNumber of Successful Dribbles
SuccDrib/gNumber of Successful Dribbles per Game
SweepKeeper Sweeper
T1Team 1
T2Team 2
TacklesNumber of Tackles
Tackles/gNumber of Tackles per Game
WNumber of Games Won
xDivsExpected Dividends
xDivs YieldTotal % xDivs Yield (xDivs Match Day Dividends)
Yield MediaTotal % Yield (Media Dividends)
Yield PBTotal % Yield (Match Day Dividends)
PB DivTotal Performance Buzz/Match Day Dividends for selected time period
Div Yield% Dividend Return Based on Current Price
Yield TotalSum Yield (Media + Match Day)
In Squad (FI)Player was named in the starting eleven or on the bench (bench players are awarded win/loss points)
Participated (inc sub)Player had some time on the pitch including sub-appearances
Full GamePlayed in the full 90mins
StartedStarted the game but may not have completed the full 90
60+ minsPlayed more than 60 mins in the game
45+ minsPlayers more than 45 mins in the game