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BuzzPro is the area where you can access detailed, configured reports containing a wealth of football index data.

Traders use these reports to drill down and filter lots of data to help find best performing players as well as undervalued players. Keep your portfolio in shape by researching players using BuzzPro reports.

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BuzzPro Reports

Choose a BuzzPro report from on the the categories below depending on what area you want to research…

Opta Player Screener

Find players based on various Opta defined scoring event such as shots, passes, key passes, crosses and view all 40+ events from the Football Index scoring matrix for every player.

FI Player Screener

Use the Fi player screener to filter, sort and rank players by football index data such as match day averages, max scores, dividends and yield.

Player Comparison

Compare any player on the index with others and see which players performs the best in terms of scores, match stats, dividends or price one snapshot.

Player Base Scores

Find players who can accumulate a high level of match day points with or without scoring points for goals, game winnings goals, assists or clean sheets.

Player Form

Compare every single PB score for any set of players on football index side by side to determine which players have been performing well recently or dipping in form.

Total Player Return

Use this report to find out the total returns from a chose buy date to a sell date. The return factors in spread as well as commissions.

Average Score vs Peak

See which players have the best average performance scores as well as the players peak score overlaid in one handy visual.

Penalties and Discipline

Use the Penalties and Discipline report to work out which players have added value as a penalty taker and how many of their season goals were penalties.

Player Dashboard

Select a single player and view their entire season history in one place such as goals, assists, scores, peak scores, media scores, price chart and more.

Goalkeeper Screener (OMD)

Analyse goalkeeper statistics such as saves, rushes and catches on a game basis or select a GK to view the players match stats from every game this season.

Defender Screener (OMD)

Analyse defender statistics such as tackles, recoveries and crosses or select a defender to view the players match stats from every game this season.

Midfielder Screener (OMD)

Analyse midfielder statistics such as key passes, passes and crosses or select a midfielder to view the players match stats from every game this season.

Forward Screener (OMD)

Analyse forwards statistics such as shots, goals and key passes or select a forward to view the players match stats from every game this season.

Advanced Overs Analysis

Find players by have scored over a set score (e.g. 180) to find players who have a good chance of achieving a dividend winning score.

Advanced Overs (AMD)

Use this report to view players on the index who have scored over a specific score (you choose the threshold) and the number of times those players have scored over that threshold.

With the added layer of actual match data (AMD) over the season, you can now put the football index data into context and rank and sort them by goals, assists, shots on target, passes per game and more.

Advanced Price Movement

View price changes of players going as far back as the last 7 days. Rank and sort the data by the biggest fallers/rises in £ or %.

Price Comparison Charts

View a players price chart on Football Index and compare with other players price trends over selected 30, 60, 90 day timeframes or for the current season.

Candlestick Player Price Charts

View the Player Price Chart (Candlestick) report to analyse price trends of any player on the index in weekly, daily, hourly or even 30 or 15 minute intervals.

Dividends vs Price

View which players have generated the most dividends by price. This is useful to find players who may be undervalued dividend winners.

Peak Scores vs Price

Useful report to view high scoring (peak score) match day players who are either overvalued or undervalued where you set the max score.

Average Scores vs Price

Find players with a consistent average & set your price threshold to discover undervalued/overvalued players on the index.

xDivs Report

Sideways look and work out what players could have expected to earn (given their score and the day type) for each score they generated.

Team Statistics

View performance buzz, media buzz and dividend statistics for each team on the index. Which teams rack up the most PB points? Which teams win the most dividends?

Player Fixture Analysis

Find players with the most/easiest games within the next X days. Ideal for you IPD traders or fixture hype traders.

Team Fixture Analysis

View fixtures by date order, match day type, difficulty and form for each team.

Team Calendar

View the upcoming fixtures of your selected teams (comparison) and the difficulty for each fixture.

Historical Dividend Winners

View all dividends winners for match days and media since the start of season 18/19.

Historical PB Scores

View all PB scores for every player for every match day since the start of the 18/19 season.

Winning Score Analysis

View what the current winning scores and averages are for each match day and position.

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