BuzzBot Football Index Player Info Report

IndexGain members on the premium plan can view a full player report on Slack by simply typing /igplayerinfo followed by the players name.

Below is a breakdown of the report and the information shown within the report which you can view or share with other traders on Slack when discussing or researching players.

See a list of all the BuzzBot commands also.

Overall Rank and Position Rank

This is the players overall position by price on the Football Index website. The position rank is if the players position by price if you were to view players by position on the Football Index website.

If a player is suspended or injured, you will see a label notifying you of the injury or suspension.

If a player in injured you will see:

If a player is suspended you will see:

Match Day Scoring Averages and Top Scores

Here you’ll see match day stats such as the players current season average, top 5 scores throughout the season, last 5 scores, overall PB average since 17/18 season and last seasons match day average.

Season Match Stats

This is where you can see important performance stats for a player such as goals, game winning goals, accurate passes per game and more.

The price shown in brackets next to goals and assists is the total in-play dividends the player has won for the current season. This is not included in the total dividends won or yield calculation.

This information will help you understand why a player may be valued where he is due to actual match performance stats/actions or help you decide if a player is good for in-play dividends only.

Fixture Data

View the players upcoming fixtures over 30 days and their respective difficulty rating. Dark green = easiest and dark red = toughest.

(A+5) means the fixture is an away game and they are 5 places above (+) their opponents. Likewise, (H-5) means a home fixture but they are 5 places below (-) them in the league.

If a player is injured or suspended, the fixtures he will be out for will be crossed off the list. A good indicator of how many games he will miss over the next 30 days.

Dividends Data

This section splits out the match day dividends wins and media buzz dividend wins for the current season and the previous season so you can do a quick comparison in performance.

Next to the dividend total is how the player accumulated those dividends and in what position he finished in the rankings for the respective dividend type.

7, 30, 90 Day and 1 Year Holding Period Return

This is a true indicator of profit/loss if you had purchased this player 7, 30, 90 days or 1 year ago and instant sold right now including spread & commission.

Current Media Buzz Score & Rank

Here you will see the total media points accumulated by the player for the current season and an average daily media score. Also shown is the current media score and rank for that player.

The news article shown is the one which was awarded the highest media points.

Action Buttons

Publish Report: Publish the report with the rest of the IndexGain trader community on Slack.

Add to MyPort: Add this player to you portfolio list. More info here.

Add to MyList: Add this player to you watchlist to then run price move reports to monitor prices using BuzzBot /igmoves command.

Dismiss: Close the report without publishing.

Other Questions....

Q. What does “xDivs” mean?

xDivs is an IndexGain metric to determine what the player “should have” won so far based on his PB scores and winning scores. See this as a lucky/unlucky indicator. More information in this blog post. Premium members can view all players xDivs in this BuzzPro report.

Q. When I do the /igplayerinfo command, I don’t see all that data. What’s wrong?

All free members will get the very basic information for a player. To see all the data as above, you will need to upgrade to premium.

Q. When does the dividend data start from?

August 2017

Q. What does “Top 5” mean?

Once a player has played around 10 games, you’ll see their top 5 scores from those 10 games in this line. These are often referred to as “peak scores”.

Q. Will other traders see who I’m searching for?

A. No. When you view a player card, it’s only visible to you. When you choose to publish it, that’s when it’s visible to everyone.

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