Welcome to BuzzBot

BuzzBot is our football index data bot for the Fi Community on the Slack app.

You can type in a series of commands in Slack and BuzzBot will present you with a list of data depending on what information you are after. BuzzBot can present you with average PB scores, price changes, teams PB scores and dividend win history.

Watch the videos below to see it in action.

Popular BuzzBot Commands

/igplayerinfo [player] – brings up a player report

/igteam [team name] – brings up PB scores for all players in a team

/igmoves myport [time] – shows price moves of players added to your portfolio

/igscores [player] – brings up players previous PB scores for the season

/igdivs [player] – shows previous PB & MB dividend wins

/igrank [position] – shows top PB average by position

/igdivs [1st Aug – 14th Aug] – PB/MB dividend winners between date range

/igovers 200 £3 – view players who have scored 200+, how many times and priced below £3

/igmoves_top200 20m – view the largest price increases/decreases for players in the top 200

/igyield [position] – see the top yielders by position

Player Report (/igplayerinfo)

PB Scores by Team (/igteam)

Peak Scores by Max Price (/igovers)

PB Averages by Position (/igrank)

Player PB Scores (/igscores)

Player Dividend Wins (/igdivs)

Price Moves (/igmoves)

Player Yields (/igyield)

Combining Reports

MyPort Tracking (/igmoves myport)

Watch List (/imoves mylist)

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