5 Things to Note Before the Season Kicks off Tomorrow

If you have just joined Football Index in the last few weeks, here are some helpful pointers to help you get to grips with Football Index during the first weekend of EPL action.

1. Know what dividends are on offer

Ok, so we have a new dividend table launching tomorrow where traders can win 8p for def/mid/fwd wins, a further 8p for star man win and a possible 5p for a media buzz win. Tomorrow is a silver match day with 9 games in total across the EPL, La Liga and Ligue 1.

On top of this, we also have an IPD promo currently running where all IPD’s are boosted by x5 until the end of the month. That means a defender goal pay out 20p and every other player pays out 10p on the goal. A further 10p per assist for all players too.

So imagine Auba going crazy at Craven Cottage netting a hat trick and winning star man?

That’s 30p in goals, 16p in match day dividends and a further 5p for media. A total of 51p per share!

At his current price of £2.37 that is 21% return in dividends in one game excluding any capital appreciation.

Here’s the full dividend table along with some additional info to help (keep it handy)

2. Don’t forget about goalkeepers

With goalkeepers now being able to earn dividends each match day as their own standalone category, it’s important to consider the yield on offer for any keeper.

Tomorrow, a keeper can earn 2p for finishing as the highest scoring keeper PLUS a further 10p a share for the clean sheet.

That’s 12p per share for a potential keeper who could be bought for around 50p.

Southampton keeper Alex McCarthy is available to buy for 43p. If he finishes as the top keeper tomorrow PLUS manages a clean sheet, it means he will pay out 12p per share – yield of 27% just for that 1 game alone.

3. Understand the scoring matrix

The scoring matrix which players score points against is one of the most comprehensive scoring systems developed for any fantasy or sports trading platform.

Players earn points for almost every action on the pitch with some more valuable than others.

One of the events on the matrix you will need to get your head around is the Game Winning Goal event.

This is bonus points of 35 points awarded to the player who puts the team in front. So for example, it’s 1-1 between Liverpool and Leeds. In the last minute, Salah scores putting Liverpool in front giving them the lead. Salah gets the game winning goal points which could put him into 1st place in the forwards ranking.

The purpose of the GWG event is to add some randomness to the rankings – and it certainly does do that.

To help you understand which players are performing well in real time, we recommend you download the Sofascore app or check the next day on the Opta stats report we have on the website. Our reports show every event in the matrix above for every player + their scores.

4. Dividend Deadlines

Remember the deadlines as that is when you will see a flurry of buys or sales in players you are looking to buy or sell.

4pm is the deadline for match day dividends and media dividends. The closer it gets to 4pm, keep an eye on who is scoring well and clear at the top of the scoring rankings – they could be odds on to win maximum payouts.

11.59pm is the deadline to buy for in-play dividends. Yep, you can still buy the player after the match! But….you must be holding that player at midnight to qualify.

5. Join our Match Day Chat channel on Slack

If you’re an existing Premium member of IndexGain, do make sure to join the match day chat channel where over 1600 members are all chatting about every game, every player and reporting back on every goal and assist.

We’ve found some of our traders faster than your goalscoring apps. Well worth joining in the fun!

And that’s it! Good luck for tomorrow and remember….enjoy the football and trade responsibly!.

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Written by fiinvestor
Joined Football Index in October 2017 and focus more on PB dividend returns as I find it suits my trading style much better. Get rich slowly. Avid Leicester City supporter and FPL fanatic also.
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