Bundesliga is back! Review of who’s up, who’s down and who’s forgotten.

So the Bundesliga is back next weekend and we can breathe a sigh of relief that we’ll be seeing some live sport in just over a weeks time. News confirmed earlier today that the fixture list for Bundesliga matches for week 26 will be as follows:

Saturday – SILVER DAY

  • Dortmund vs Schalke
  • Leipzig vs Freiburg
  • Hoffenheim vs Hertha
  • Fortuna vs Paderborn
  • Augsburg vs Wolfsburg
  • Frankfurt vs Gladbach


  • Köln vs Mainz
  • Union vs Bayern


  • Bremen vs Leverkusen

So with all the excitement around football slowly returning, let’s take a look at who’s hot, how’s not and who’s been forgotten.

Note, players must have played 5+ games to be shown in this report.

Who’s hot?

Using the Advanced Price Movement Report let’s take a look at the top risers from the Bundesliga over the last 21d:

Who’s not?

Not as many fallers over 21 days as you would think….

Who’s forgotten?

Here’s the players who have not budged in price over the last 21 days from the Bundesliga…

Below is a reminder of the top 5 Bundesliga players sorted by xDivs (expected dividends based on match day scores)

To do your own analysis do check out the Advanced Price Movement report if you are a premium member.

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