How to calculate your 8.25% net buys bonus

Our members on Slack have been asking how you find out what your return will be for this bonus of 8.25% on net spend over the period 10th March to close of play on the 23rd April.

So here’s a quick guide for you.

  1. Head over the website and view your transaction summary

2. Change the time period from 10th March to 23rd April 2020 and click on “Done”.

3. Now you should see figure for “Buys” and a figure for “Sells”

4. Subtract your “Sells” from your “Buys”. In this case it’s £763.30. If your total is negative (sells outweigh buys) then you don’t qualify for a bonus.

5. Calculate 8.25% of £763.30 (use Google)

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