February 2020 Round Up – Climbers, Fallers, Winners & Emergers

IndexGain activity

We launched our brand new xDivs report looking at all player match day scores, not just winning ones, by position and day type to determine the probability of each possible score winning on a given day type. It then uses that probability to calculate a weighted dividend. Read about how xDivs is calculated in this post. Think of it like a “what they should have won based on this score”.

We’ve had some great feedback from traders on this one and also some super ideas going forward – so we’ll be busy making some more upgrades to this and other reports soon.

Also, we’ve just published a new tutorial video showing members how to use the Total Player Return report – you can check it out on our YouTube channel here.

Market activity

The FOOTIE rose 2.93% in Feb 2020 from 149,941 to 154,331 at close of play on 29th Feb. We saw a 3.39% rise in Jan 2020. Slightly lower but still positive.

After a busy start the month, we saw increased volatility towards the latter part of the month. The big spike was Thursday – Bruno vs Brugge?

Super Match Day Dividends were also launched in February but this may not have influenced the market as much as traders probably thought it would. Payments are made on 2nd March so traders who met the criteria, will most likely reinvest those dividends back into the market.

Right, let’s get into our February movers, shakers and emerging players….and remember, all this data is available if you join IndexGain as a premium member.

Top dividend earners

Messi returns to top dividend earner (by 3p) for the month after Bruno smashed dividends in January.

Teji Savanier of Montpellier finished the month in 3rd place with a respectable 24p in dividends. Here’s how he has done in 2020 so far…

Top match day dividend earners

February was a good month for Bruno Fernandes holders as they won a mix of match day and media dividends….

NOTE: Use the BuzzBot command /igdivs or /igscores in Slack followed by the date range you want to view. Visit our YouTube channel to learn how to run this report.

Top media dividend earners

Bruno continues to dominate media with his on-pitch performances. February also saw the confirmation of Ziyech to Chelsea in the summer – one to watch on this one.

Biggest Capital Appreciation

Bruno rise in Feb dominated – he opened Feb at £5.07 and his instant sell price on 29th Feb was £6.60. Prices below are showing the buy price on 1st Feb and instant sell price on 29th Feb close of play – so it’s assuming you ISd.

Good performances from Jonathan David and Angelino meant they saw a 49% and 67% rise respectively.

Biggest Fallers in February

Let’s take a look at the biggest price fallers in Feb….

Premium players continue to slide down with Neymar leading the pack. Traders are taking into account his sending off and PSG’s defeat in the Champions League as a fear factor against his future dividend earning potential in the short term.

To view this data on a month to month basis, use the Total Return report (Premium only).

Premier League Top Risers

Some of our members are already looking ahead to the summer transfer window and building positions into players who could be switching teams in the summer.

However, some decent rises have also come from players who have emerged such as Sarr, DCL and Saka.

So let’s take a look at where money has gone into for the Premier League based players in Feb…..

Youth still a trend?

The youth trend continues to dominate the risers lists.

Here’s a look at who has been moving upwards from the youth category (under 23) over the last 7 days…

There’s some big moves in there for some youth players. See this blog post about how you can view price moves by age – BuzzBot price moves by sector.

Improve your trading skills or get more from IndexGain using our Knowledge Base

Do check out our Knowledge Base which contains everything you need to know about Indexgain, BuzzBot and BuzzPro. Simply search for topics or keywords and you’ll get a raft of articles to read and learn from.

Good luck to all members and traders – hope March treats you well!.

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