Summary of Q&A with Adam Cole on 28th Jan 2020

Last night Adam Cole took to stage on Twitter and provided traders with a bit of an update on what we expect to see soon from Football Index.

If you are a new trader on the platform, then read on as most of it will help you understand why certain trends or behaviour in the market are occurring. It will also help you prepare for what is to come from the platform and the strategic direction they are heading in.

So, like Linford Christie wearing a thong, there’s a lot to fit in so let’s crack on….

Order books update

Adam provided us with a couple of screenshots on what it could potentially look like on the app. If you don’t know what order books are or how they work – then do check out this video by @figuide to learn more.

NOTE: It looks like Fi will allow users to choose between the existing view or order book – not confirmed yet though.

As you can see it looks pretty slick and kind of what you’d expect to see from an order book from a visual point of view. If you fancy testing it out then opt-in by filling out your details on this page.

Adam said that he hopes order books will be in place by the start of next season. Of course, unexpected delays can happen but it’s positive to see that they are on the “final straight”.

In terms of roll out, Adam stated that “there will be a roll out plan which will be communicated – we want to make this as painless to existing pending trades as possible”.

If you are a new trader looking at the above and thinking “this looks complicated” then don’t worry – Fi are looking at on-boarding already….

New Territories

Day before the Q&A, the Football Index twitter account tweeted out the following…..

This led to traders thinking that news of opening of Football Index in Germany was going to happen sooner rather than later – so what naturally occurred was a sharp rise in some young, popular German players.

There was also speculation that media buzz could include international or European publications into the feed.

Adam stated during the Q&A that new territories will be added at some point this year – in particular, Germany.

It also looks like money will be pooled but there’s still lots of work to do on this front so we’re not expecting something to happen before the Euro’s – but who knows? Fi have not failed to surprise us before.

There was one more interesting thing to come out of the “new territories” topic….is Spain likely to come before Germany? “Communicado” is communications in Spanish. *eyes emoji*

Media Buzz Update

When asked about media buzz, Adam said that it’s still a priority but nothing would happen mid-season and that the most likely time for a media buzz update would be before the start of next season.

So no new news on that front.

Euro 2020 promotion?

April is when Football Index will announce their promotions around Euro 2020. This is great as it allows a couple of months to prepare budgets and portfolios ahead of the tournament.

Squads start to get announced around that time so expect to see lots of punts around “will he make it, won’t he make it” and then trading activity around surprise call ups and confirmations.


Few other points to confirm:

  • There will be a dividend review before the start of the next season
  • Watchlist feature coming to the app soon
  • No change to IPO process until NASDAQ launched (order books)
  • Fi are working on a “refer a friend” system
  • Loyalty dividends coming soon – no progress on this since the last Q&A
  • FI have said they have some really great plans for February which will be coming out later this week so stay tuned.
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