December 2019 Round Up – Climbers, Fallers, Winners & Emergers

Market activity

The FOOTIE for December 2019 represents the rollercoaster of emotions experienced throughout the month which included a Depay season ending injury as well as portfolio rebalancing ahead of the European winter breaks.

The FOOTIE rose over 7% in December with majority of the rise coming in during the 2nd half of the month – this is most likely as a result of the increase in new users and advertising growth by Fi.

We also tweeted the dips in prices from each league during the first week of December which shown the shift in money going into EPL player and out of the other leagues – where Bundesliga saw the biggest drop.

But by the end of December, the story had flipped on its head…

In hindsight, early December turned out to be a great time to be buying ahead of the anticipated marketing push as announced by Football Index back in November. Link to announcement here.


Expect to see further market growth in January – good times ahead.

Before we get onto our round up, we have some more feature rollouts and enhancements planned this month as well as a live Webinar on January 16th to help all IndexGain members better use the tools IndexGain has to offer (more details on this soon) so keep an eye on the announcement channel on Slack over the next few days.

Right, let’s get into December’s movers, shakers and emerging players….

Top dividend earners

3rd month in a row as top earner for Senior Messi. There’s no stopping him since the increase in dividends and he’s been winning match day dividends once or twice a month.

Gold day wins for Sebastian Andersson and Gnagnon put them on traders radars.

If you had purchased both Andersson and Gnagnon on the 1st December and instant sold on the 31st December, you’d have walked away with 43% and 62% profit including capital appreciation and match day dividends earned.

Top match day dividend earners

No player won match day dividends twice in the month so the gold day wins are evenly spread. Parades stood out in December with a couple of decent scores in the month.

Here’s a look at Parades scores over the last few weeks using the BuzzBot /igscores command on Slack:


NOTE: Use the BuzzBot command /igdivs or /igscores in Slack followed by the date range you want to view. Visit our YouTube channel to learn how to run this report.

Top media dividend earners

Looking at Media Buzz winners for December, Pogba stories continue to dominate and some transfer saga stories surfaced – Minamino and Haaland in particular.

Biggest Capital Appreciation

As the winter break kicked in December, focus turned towards Premier League players and Everton’s striker Calvert-Lewin rose the most in December.

Prices below are showing the buy price on 1st December and instant sell price on 31st December – so it’s assuming you ISd.

Good performances from Greenwood and Adama meant they saw a 21% and 73% rise respectively.

Biggest Fallers in November

Let’s take a look at the biggest price fallers in December….

As mentioned before, Depay’s season ending injury hurt a lot of portfolios – Messi continues his decline but at some point value will be hit when the Champs League rounds kick off again. Remember, quarter final rounds onwards in the European cup comps are all gold days so a potential 16p dividends up for grabs with only 4-8 teams playing.

To view this data on a month to month basis, use the Total Return report (Premium only).

Bundesliga Top Risers

As mentioned before, Bundesliga players are seeing some upward movement now as the winter break ends on the 16th Jan.

Here’s a look at who has been rising the most from the league over the last 7 days:

Who’s emerging as a trend?

The youth trend continues to dominate the risers lists.

Here’s a look at who has been moving upwards from the youth category (under 23) over the last 7 days…

There’s some big moves in there for some youth players. See this blog post about how you can view price moves by age – BuzzBot price moves by sector.

Improve your trading skills or get more from IndexGain using our Knowledge Base

Do check out our Knowledge Base which contains everything you need to know about Indexgain, BuzzBot and BuzzPro. Simply search for topics or keywords and you’ll get a raft of articles to read and learn from.

Good luck to all members and traders – hope January treats you well!.

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