New BuzzPro Filters – Look Back Windows and Excluding Internationals

In our latest round of updates to BuzzPro, we’ve now rolled out the ability to view Football Index and Opta match data over various look back windows as well as excluding those international fixtures which now influence a players stats both in terms of match day scores and match stats.

Some players may have only started to pick up form over the last few weeks, therefore you want to exclude the games at the beginning of the season which may skew their stats OR you may just want to view all player data but exclude those internationals where the country have played twice against San Marino which inflates their match day averages and match stats.

On all the newer BuzzPro reports which feature Opta data such as OMD, Base Scores and Player Dashboard, you will see the below filter for the analysis period:

All time = Data from 1st August 2018 to current date.

2019/20 (All Games) = Club fixtures + internationals

2019/20 (Ex Int) = Club fixtures only

Last Xd = Last X days club fixtures + internationals

Last Xd (Ex Int) = Last X days club fixtures only

On some of the older reports such as Average Scores vs Price or Player Comparison tool, you will see the below filter (less options):

These reports will be updated over the coming weeks.

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