Summary of the Q&A with Adam Cole (CEO of Football Index)

In the run up to the increased marketing activity planned by Football Index over the next few weeks, it seemed timely for Adam Cole to reach out to the twitter community to do a bit of a Q&A.

Here’s a brief round up of the key points made by Adam when asked questions about various matters around Football Index and its future.

What’s the main focus next year?

Adam stated that order books are scheduled for the first half of next year.

This means as we head towards the end of this season and into the excitement of Euro 2020, we should see order books in beta or at least available to a small group.

If you don’t know what order books are, then head over to this video by @figuide to find out more.

He also mentioned an overhaul to media buzz. HOOORAAY!!!

He mentioned adding titles like Marca and Bild could be a possibility but also reviewing the media algorithm altogether.


If you don’t know how media buzz currently works and how headlines are scored then check out this simple guide to how media buzz works.

Current market activity

One of the most interesting things Adam said during the Q&A is that 70% of sells are market sells – I’m not so sure about that, maybe he got it the wrong way around?

When asked about opening in new countries/territories, it seems more complicated than what traders think. Regulations are tightening in many countries and laws are changing all the time – goalposts are always moving.

When will dividends be reviewed again?

As mentioned during the last dividend increase, Football Index will be reviewing this again ahead of next season.

Share expiry notifications?

Adam stated they are working on bringing in notifications to inform traders of how long you have held shares for. This may also include the 30 day expiry notification for shares eligible for IPD’s.

New IPO process?

When asked about a new IPO process, Adam stated that the process will stay as is for the time being but we might have more news coming soon when NASDAQ technology has been fully integrated around April time. There’s still a lot of players which need adding well before then.

Adam also mentioned that NASDAQ will hopefully help them move towards a more FM style database which means more players (or all players?) can be added in one go.

Any website updates?

When asked about things around the website/apps, he mentioned that watchlist will be fixed but no idea of timescales (you can use IndexGain watchlist feature though. Click on the link to see the video of how it works).

Adam also mentioned that the top 200 and Squad will be integrated into one single list.

There was also comments about liking the idea of categorising your portfolio into buckets or segments – will this happen anytime soon? Probably not as there’s bigger fish to fry.

When does all the marketing stuff kick off?

ITV ads start from January and will also be broadcast around the Euros in the summer.

They are looking to advertise up north more (instead of around London) and would be happy to take ideas or suggestions from traders in the north. Get in touch if you have an idea!

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Written by Lewis 20003
I’ve been trading on the football index for over a year. Bought mostly into youth players and those who look to be receive MB and have focused a lot of attention on transfer speculation.
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