New BuzzPro Player Base Scores Report – Updated for the new Matrix

Since the new matrix was introduced at the beginning of this season, we’ve seen many players benefit from the new events added. In fact, we kinda predicted it using the BuzzMatrix report which simulated last seasons matches using this seasons matrix.

Key events such as accurate long balls and key passes – which happen in such volumes during a game can sometimes be worth more in points in total per game than a goal or a GWG (game winning goal).

This is why many traders now look for players with “high base scores”.

What is a base score?

Base score is simply the score a player has achieved if you deduct his points for any goals, GWGs, assists, clean sheets or win/loss points – leaving points accumulated for all other match actions.

In Short Base Score = Match Day Score – Goals – GWG – assists – clean sheets – win/loss

Using base scores, you can see a players overall contribution in a game – lots of passes, long balls, dribbles, key passes, tackles, clearances and crosses and so forth. Sometimes, a good base and a good attacking output can add real value and increase the probability of winning frequent dividends.

Events such as goals, assists, GWG, clean sheets and win/loss points are what we would define as “bonus points”.

Introducing the NEW player base scores report!

Using this new Player Base report, members can find players who have good base averages, bonus averages as well as peak base and peak bonus scores. Or, just look for players who are good at one thing or the other. Use the filters at the bottom of the report to view players within a certain price or age – or just filter by midfielders or forwards. It’s entirely up to you.

When you view the report, you will see the following pieces of information…

Here you can see relevant information around base and bonus averages as well as the players PB/Match Day Average and mins per game (more on ‘mins/g at the end of this post).

Any of these columns are sortable so you can sort by highest Base Avg or Bonus Avg.

A high base average is a player who gets involved in lots of play and scores lots of points from various non-bonus events. Whereas, a player with high bonus avg is reliant on scoring goals or getting assists to win dividends.

Next up you’ll see the players stats for bonus points. Who has won the most games? Who has the most GWGs? 

Finally, you can also sort by those who have base scores over X and the count or Bonus points over X and the count.

So if a player with a high base average has scored over 200 base points twice out of 5 games, that could be a good indicator. Again, you can sort these columns to view most to least.

But I want to see a breakdown of the scores for a player?


Click on the player in the top section and the bottom of the report will populate with the players match stats from every game where he’s played a full game. (Note: Info below about changing the filter to participated)

Here’s sneak peak at some of Pavard’s matches and the info you will see….

Changing the basis of the report from “Full Game” to “Started” or “Participated”

At the top of the report, you will see this option/filter…

You can use the PB Stats Basis filter at the top of the report to view the data in a number of ways – many like to view base scores for players who have ONLY played full games. Some choose to view base scores even if they’ve played just a few mins in a game.

So there you have it.

A full detailed base scores report to help you dig out and analyse high scoring base players and their stats for individual matches.

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