November 2019 Round Up – Climbers, Fallers, Winners & Emergers

Has the dividend increase hangover kicked in? Mixed sentiment noted in November and expected after a whirlwind month which we experienced in October.

The FOOTIE during November grew by 1.76% compared the the boom of 3.11% growth in October.

Having said that, growth is growth and we expect more growth to come over the next few months as a result of the huge marketing drive Football Index have planned for December and January which includes ITV and C4 advertising.

Here’s Mike B’s announcement last week…


We very much look forward to this boom over the festive period and lots of football action.

Right, let’s get into Novembers movers, shakers and emerging players….

Top dividend earners

2nd month in a row as top earner for Senior Messi. After winning 18p last month, he wins 24p this month with – all match day dividends.

Let’s just take a minute to admire this BuzzBot report from Slack which shows Messi’s scores and dividends won this season so far…

Top match day dividend earners


With our first FULL month of the new dividends in place, we see Messi and Payet smashing those dividends in November.

Payet is quietly going about his business just fine…here’s a look at Payet’s scores and wins this season so far…

Here’s a quick look at his BuzzBot playerinfo card from Slack…

NOTE: Use the BuzzBot command /igdivs or /igplayerinfo in Slack followed by the date range you want to view. Visit our YouTube channel to learn how to run this report.

Top media dividend earners

Looking at Media Buzz winners for November, Sterling topped the table with 19p in dividends followed by Andre Gomes who’s injury topped the news at the beginning of the month.

Harry Kane finished 3rd with 10p after his goals during the Champs League fixtures.

Biggest Capital Appreciation

During November, we saw rises mainly around speculation of managerial sackings as well as rises from good performances on the pitch.

Dele Alli rose 95p in (we take buy price on 1st Nov and instant sell price on 30th Nov) which equated to 54.6% gain – more if you take market sell price.

It was also a good month for Reece James holders, it looks like he’s starting to cement that full back spot as his own. He’s risen 28.93% in November.

Star riser of the month however, is Mateo Kovacic who has risen 101% (excluding dividends earned) – 74p rise taking buy price and instant sell price.

Note: To view all players and their growth (CA + dividends) please use the Total Player Return report.

Biggest Fallers in November

Let’s take a look at the biggest price fallers in November….

After big rises in match day dividend players in October, it was inevitable we see some profit taking in November.

Spot any bargains in this list?

Premier League Top Risers

Serge Aurier seems to have come back to life for Spurs in November! Mourinho announcement meant most Spurs players sow an astronomical rise towards the end of the month.

Who’s emerging as a trend?

If we take a look at the BuzzBot “youth” price moves report over the last 7 days, we might be able to see some prospects who may or may not be involved in January transfer speculation or where the market maybe moving their money.

The youth sector (u23) rose 0.29% in November.

There’s some big moves in there for some youth players (youth is under 23). See this blog post about how you can view price moves by age – BuzzBot price moves by sector.

Improve your trading skills or get more from IndexGain using our Knowledge Base

Do check out our Knowledge Base which contains everything you need to know about Indexgain, BuzzBot and BuzzPro. Simply search for topics or keywords and you’ll get a raft of articles to read and learn from.

Good luck to all members and traders – hope December treats you well!.

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