October 2019 Round Up – Climbers, Fallers, Winners & Emergers

We can’t remember the last time we did a monthly round up and there was nothing much to say!

**takes deep breath**

Firstly, on October 1st, media buzz was opened up to the entire index (was top 200 only). This means any player can win media dividends across the index.

Secondly, on October 18th, Football Index announced the new dividend structure and renaming of match days.

Dividend payouts have been boosted by a whopping 57%!

Gold days (previously triple match day) now offers up to 16p per share for star man! And if he’s a EPL player, there is also the added bonus of 3p media dividends.

If this happened to a player like Kevin De Bruyne who is currently priced at £5.50, then that’s a 3.45% return in dividends from just 1 game/day. Now the probability of him winning multiple times means returns could be huge even for premium players over the course of just this season.

Here at IndexGain, we had an announcement of our own. powered by Opta, we are now able to provide reports for every single match event on the match day scoring matrix.

The first report, Advanced Player Screener (OMD) allows you to view every single player on the index and view scoring breakdowns for every match they have participated in. Not only that, but you can also view aggregated data such “who has the most key passes per game?” or “crosses per game” or “shots on target”.

Premium members can log in now and play with the report. If you’re not a member then you can watch this video to see what data is available and how to use it to help find the next investment for your portfolio.

We’ve had some great feedback so far!

Right, let’s get into Octobers movers, shakers and emerging players….

Top dividend earners

Super month for Messi who returned from injury with bang! Gnabry also had a great month winning 9p in match day dividends including the IPD rout vs Spurs in the Champs League.

51p Franco Vazquez sneaks into the top 10 match day dividend winners list with a nice star man win on 24th October with a score of 290. Here’s a look at his scores in October using the /igscores command on Slack.

In terms of match day dividends, creative midfielders continue to dominate and Messi continues to do what he does best – racking up 11p in match day dividends in October alone.

Let’s take a look at Messi’s performance scores during October….

NOTE: Use the BuzzBot command /igdivs in Slack followed by the date range you want to view. Visit our YouTube channel to learn how to run this report.

Looking at Media Buzz winners for October, we have a varied range of players who have managed to sneak MB for various on and off the pitch events,

Xhaka’s fall out with Emery leads the story list in October…as to Rashford and De Gea’s injuries prior to the Liverpool match which ended 1-1.


Biggest Capital Appreciation

During October, the dividend announcement meant the high scoring players shot up in price as the dividend returns on offer suddenly now look very appealing….here’s a look at who increased the most in the month (using buy/instant sell price)

Note: To view all players and their growth (CA + dividends) please use the Total Player Return report.

Biggest Fallers in October

Let’s take a look at the biggest price fallers in October…

The selling frenzy of Pogba, Greenwood and other youth continues.

Pogba has now fallen £1.68 since 1st September.

Who’s emerging as a trend?

If we take a look at the BuzzBot price moves report over the last 2 weeks, we can see trends emerging such as transfer rumours involving Florinel Coman and the return of Ozil. Also, players such as Lienard and Candreva continue to keep up with the positive sentiment.

Improve your trading skills or get more from IndexGain using our Knowledge Base

Do check out our Knowledge Base which contains everything you need to know about Indexgain, BuzzBot and BuzzPro. Simply search for topics or keywords and you’ll get a raft of articles to read and learn from.

Good luck to all members and traders – hope November treats you well!.

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