BuzzBot 19/20 Football Index Season Data

BuzzBot trading assistant on Slack has had a data refresh!

All /igrank, /igteam and /igovers reports on Slack now return 19/20 season data.


/igrank is the command you enter into Slack to return data on the top players by match day average. You can type /igrank def to view all defenders, /igrank mid to view all midfielders and finally /igrank fwd to view all forwards.

Here’s an example of the report on Slack for midfielders: 


/igteam report shows you match day averages & dividend winners by team. Simply enter /igteam Bayern Munich to see the top match day averages and who has won the most dividends for the team:


/igovers is useful to answer the question “Which players have scored over 200 and how many times?”. Simply type /igovers 250 and BuzzBot will tell you by each position which players have scored over 250 and how many times.

So get using BuzzBot on Slack now.

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