Champions League and Europa League Match Day Scoring Multiplier

As you may or may not know, when Football Index announced the new scoring matrix, they also announced that for Champions League and Europa League games, there will be a x1.25 multiplier added to players taking part in those fixtures/tournaments.

Why has this been added?

Well, historically, from the quarter finals onwards, the Champs League and Europa League fixtures always carried some premium or weight – top players playing for the most prestigious prize in Europe – hence why matches from the quarters onwards are always treble match days.

This means a smaller pool of players have a chance of winning the top dividends on offer – easier for us traders to make some money.

However, over the last couple of seasons, these premium matches have been disrupted by postponed games or rescheduled games in other match day eligible leagues.

Here’s an example of a Ligue 1 fixture on the same night as the Champs League quarter finals:

On this night, we also had Stade Rennes and Nimes involved. This meant, players from those teams also had a chance to also win those top dividends. Not fair right if you have set your portfolio up for champions league action?

And if we look at what happened on that night….

Renaud Ripart won top forward dividends even though the treble match day premium was geared towards the Champions League fixtures.

Here’s another example:

On this occasion, we had 3 Serie A games being played on the same night as a Champions League QF game.

Can you imagine how peed off you’d be if some Genoa and Sampdoria player won PB on a treble match day over the big names in action that night too?

Rescheduled games are announced randomly and other leagues don’t care about what other games are occurring on the same night – but on Football Index, it matters massively.

So here we are, with a x1.25 multiplier for players in the Champions League and Europa League. This ensures players in those matches score higher than those not in those tournaments.

What does this mean?

All it means is that players in champions league fixtures will get a boost in their scores by 1.25.

However, there’s still room for a rogue player to win dividends if the Champs League games both end in a 0-0 draw and the rescheduled game ends up 4-0 with a striker scoring all 4 for example.

As far as I am aware, Football Index will update player scores at the end of the game – possibly when clean sheet points are added. This makes in-game trading rather difficult as we’ve seen some early big scores get some good rises as people chase dividend winning prospects.

Traders will need to work out real scores in their heads – or constantly get their calculators out every 5 mins. Is your player going to challenge? Or is he way off the mark? Who knows?

Points look like they will be rounded up or down to the nearest whole number – so if a player ends on 321.25 then he will be rounded down to 321.

What happens when you get a player who ends on 321.75? He gets rounded up to 322 and he wins the dividends.

Confusion will come when 2 players have the same score – but most traders will assume he’s won due to age (younger player wins rule). But actually, it’ll be because his score is rounded up to 322.

We’ll have to wait and see how this all pans out.

But at this stage, this is all we know and not 100% sure if this will all still be revised as we edge closer to the Champs League and Europa League first group games.

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