Introducing MatchDay scores ‘Basis’ for BuzzPro

We’ve given BuzzPro a little extra something for the new season. We have now introduced…..

1) Analysis Period filter e.g show data for 18/19 season, 19/20 season (more to come)
2) Basis filter…

So what is “Basis”?

To date, Football Index use ‘In Squad’ when generating scores (players on the bench get win or loss points). However there has been much debate from traders about how they want to view historic scores, for example Match Day averages are likely to be highly distorted for bench warmers who can only generate a handful of points off the field at best.

It is this basis (or criteria) for how the Match Day scores (PB) are generated.

But with this little BuzzPro upgrade, premium members can now display Match Day scores generated using various options via the new filter selection:

In squad (FI) – In the squad but remained on bench
Participated (inc sub) – Got some minutes on the pitch
Full Game – Played the whole game
Started – Particpated from the start (possibly subbed later)
60+ – Played 60 minutes or more
45+ – Played 45 minutes or more

Let’s take a look at an example:

Joel Matip last season featured in the match day squad 42 times, but only participated in 30 of those matches. This means he was on the bench for 12 games but he’ll still earn win/loss points.

For the 12 games he was benched, Matip could only generate a handful of points for each game, this means his Match Day score average over the season for all games in Squad was dragged down to 75.43.

If we change the filter to include only games he participated in, it removes the low bench scores to bring his average up to 100.7.

If we change the filter further still to only show games that Matip started (25 games in total) his average increases to 117.92.

Traders now have the flexibility to analyse scores depending on their own criteria – true FI scores, participated or full game appearances.

So which ‘basis’ does BuzzPro show by default?

After getting lots of trader feedback we have decided to use ‘Participated (inc sub)’ as the default basis for displaying Match Day scores for BuzzPro reports.

This doesn’t equate to the scores generated ‘on the day’ by Football Index however feedback suggests this is a much more useful scoring system when looking back at historic scores and finding potential player value.

The beauty of it of course is you can change the basis to whatever suits you as a trader. Basis gives you full flexibility to conduct your research using a singular or multiple basis types

More Buzz Upgrades soon. Until then as always, happy trading.


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Written by Bishop
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