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Football Index fanatic LuaLua takes a look below at IndexGains Premium membership and what it can do for your trading.

Ever wanted to know what a players performance scores were? How many divs he’s won in the past year? How much his In play dividend (IPD) yield could be? How many games he’s played? When he’s coming back from injury?

Well step right this way children, all the answers to your questions can be answered easily if you own a Premium membership to IndexGain.

The post below features a breakdown of the main features for people thinking about buying.

Call me crazy but let’s just say hypothetically that the season is rapidly approaching and you want to find out the suitability of your portfolio for the upcoming season.

Simply go to the player screener and it has all the information you need.

Here you can see the stats of a random selection of players. Stats like Pb averages, gametime, some of the main match day dividend scoring factors, how many times they’ve scored over 175 and even a stat that shows their implied yield.


You can set parameters for age, teams, price and the rest which makes it easy to dive into more detail or find the answer to pesky forum questions like who’s the best youth prospect under 40p?

There’s an idea that floats about that data products are only useful for the hardcore users that have plenty of time. This is a completely misguided notion. With tables like this you can quickly compare every single player on the index at the same time. It makes purchases obvious, easy and super quick.

The nerds who want more detail can get their fix also. From the green screen, you can easily dive into more detail if you do want to and see individual match scores and more stats and info like price history.

(Hmm Alonso seems a bargain^)[subliminal messaging]

Or if you’re more into In-play dividends, there is a report specifically for that.

Again this saves more time than Jan Oblak saves shots and means you don’t have to do any tricky calculations because it’s all right here.

If you were to combine this with the match difficulty report you can see who looks like they have an easy run of fixtures coming up. Eg arsenal.

Not that Arsenal do well against easy opposition but that’s for another thread.

And there are countless other features online at IndexGain from lists of penalty takers to price tracking graphs to form analysis and lists of currently injured players and estimated return dates and lists of transfer rumours and their relative strength.


Link is here if you wanna learn about more of the features and to see how you can make better quicker, more informed and all-round better purchases.

Features don’t stop there tho.

Once you have made some sweet buys u can use their other features to track your new and improved portfolio.

If you download slack, a free online forum and home notification hub thingymajig. You can get daily updates on how your port is doing.

Simply add your players and watch them rise.


Portfolio tracking made easy. No more excel and no more watchlists (which means you have more time to watch as much Love Island as you want)

You can also set up notifications, so when a player you are watching has a quick shift in price or has an article linking him with a transfer you will be notified and can react quicker than anyone else.

No need to watch Montpellier vs Some other farmers to learn if ‘the next big thing’ (that you and everyone else knows is shit) scores or gets injured cause you’ll get a mobile notification as soon as the massive shift in price begins, giving you a heads up to hop on or off.

For example just the other day, I was about to leave the house to get my bus and got shot a notification that Javier Hernandez’s price was moving.

I pumped my spare cash in and ended up getting an uber home instead of the bus. It’s the small things that matter.


Slack is also home to a thriving community with detailed Fi discussions, the ability to run polls! and almost as good bant as the FI forum.


With IG you are actually able to ‘do your own research’.

There is something for everyone here… from stuff for the people who want to perfectly predict match day yields, to stuff for IPD wheeler-dealers and even stuff for the people who don’t really don’t really give a crap about divs and just want Cap app, stuff for the people who want/need to have better pumps and stuff for people who need to stop getting caught out by pumps and a thing for people who want to get addicted to another forum.

React the fastest, predict the furthest ahead. Never have to attempt to google player stats again lol

Less than 1% of the FI market currently have a data product. Honestly, that 1% have a massive advantage. I have doubled my average monthly profits since joining. It’s only £8.49 a month. I would think if you have a portfolio over £350 it’s so worth it. There are so many easy ways to make that subscription fee back.

Playing FI without a data product is like gambling without being given access to the latest odds.
Find the best FI odds here.

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