BuzzBot Personalised Player Price Move Notifications

Last week we launched the BuzzBot morning portfolio updates where Premium members wake up to a 24 hour summary of the player price changes in their portfolio (MyPort).

This framework (or set up) has allowed us to lay the foundations for where BuzzBot is heading over the next few weeks in terms of portfolio management. This new feature is handy because you can now see who has dropped or risen in your portfolio overnight.

Well today, we’ve now added another new layer on top of this.

BuzzBot MyPort and MyList Price Move Notifications.

**round of applause like at an Apple event**

Premium traders who utilise the MyPort and MyList (watchlist) functionality will now receive personalised price move alerts for just the players in their portfolio or watch list.

It works in the same way as the market-wide price move alerts but only for players you already own or players who you are keeping an eye on. If you don’t know already, when you view a player report on Slack using BuzzBot /igplayerinfo command, you can add that player to your portfolio list or watch list.

Alerts are set up to trigger for the following thresholds and over a 60 minute look up window:

More than £3 = 2% change
£3 to £1.50 = 3% change
£1.49 to 75p = 4% change
Less than 75p = 5% change

The price change alerts will appear under the “Apps” heading where you will see BuzzBot and when you have an alert, you will see the red icon.

Once you view your alert it will look like this….

How awesome is that?

BuzzBot is on it’s way to becoming the smartest trading friend you’ll ever need! You can continue to run /igmoves myport report as you wish for any custom timeframe but this will hopefully keep you informed much more frequently throughout the day.


If you’re not a premium member yet then check out why you should upgrade now.

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