BuzzBot Personalised Player Price Move Notifications

Premium traders who utilise the MyPort and MyList (watch list) functionality will now receive personalised price move alerts for just the players in their portfolio or watch list.

If you haven’t set up your porfolio on Slack then click on this link to learn how.

It works in the same way as the market-wide price move alerts but only for players you already own or players who you are keeping an eye on. If you don’t know already, when you view a player report on Slack using BuzzBot /igplayerinfo command, you can add that player to your portfolio list or watch list.

Alerts are set up to trigger for the following thresholds and over a 60 minute look up window:

More than £3 = 2% change
£3 to £1.50 = 3% change
£1.49 to 75p = 4% change
Less than 75p = 5% change

When a player in your portfolio or watch list has moved above the threshold (price rise or price drop) then you will see an alert under the “Apps” heading where you will see BuzzBot and a red icon.

Once you view your alert it will look like this….

This is a private channel between you and BuzzBot and the commands you run will be saved here for longer than they would be if ran on public channels.

Lastly if you would like to do a bulk clear down of all players in either your MyList or MyPort (rather than delete one by one), just type clear into the BuzzBot channel, and Buzz will delete the list you choose.

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