KYC – Know Your Customer Rules Comes into Force

Many traders will have logged in today to see this when you go to buy or sell a player:

Or this…

Introducing KYC Rules – Know Your Customer

KYC stands for “Know Your Customer/Client” and is a new rule enforced on 7th May by regulators for many types of organisations who require identifying customers as part of anti-money laundering regulations.

The Age Checked website states: “As of 7th May 2019, new rules require website owners to complete age verification checks before consumers commence play. This means that no funds can be deposited, and no form trading can take place until age checking is complete. The new restriction also covers access to ‘free-to-play’ games. In the past these have not been considered in the code, but the Commission argues that there’s no legitimate reason to allow children to access them.”

“The new rules requiring all age verification to be completed before gaming commences, will close this loophole.”

Read about it all here.

So what do you need to do?

Football Index have stated that they are re-verifying accounts for some users who have already been verified.

Users who fail these checks will receive an email and will be required to submit a recent utility bill or bank statement to

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