Which players have finished in the top 5 in the Media Buzz rankings the most this season?

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The market is flying since the summer promo announcement. Money has shifted into the top boys who have an increased chance of earning dividends over the summer as well as making the most out of capital appreciation to earn the bonus cash back offers. If you missed the announcement, then have a read of the key points here.

The biggest news was the increase in media dividend payouts over the summer for the top 5 players in the media ranking each day instead of the top 3.

From 1st June until 31st July 2019, Football Index will pay an additional 1p for the player who finishes 4th and 5th in the media rankings. Equates to a 33% increase in dividends.

Here’s a reminder of the new media dividend structure from 1st June 2019:

So which players have finished in the top 5 of media the most this season?

The below chart shows how many times each player has finished in the top 5 for season 18/19:

As you can see, Pogba tops the list with finishing in the top 5 a whopping 135 times followed by Ronaldo with 114 times.

Out of those, who has finished 4th or 5th the most?

You could say these players are the unluckiest by finishing 4th or 5th the most over the season.

This is where it gets a tad bit interesting, Ronaldo has finished 4th or 5th the most number of times this season – could he dominate this summer with a champions league win and a Nations League victory with Portugal?

Full Data Table

Here’s the table with all the data for you to make some decisions….the final column is what the player would have won IF the new summer div structure was implemented at the start of the season.

So there you have it, hopefully some very useful info to help make decisions about how to spread your money.

Many traders have said they’ve split their purchases 80% into the big boys and 20% into transfer spec – as you can see from above, the last big transfer news was Denis Suarez and Gonzalo Higuain, both dominated media during their transfers and finished 4th or 5th on 6 and 5 occasions respectively.

That’s additional dividends you could earn for the transfers coming up this summer.

So who are the hottest rumours for this summer?

Whilst we don’t specifically name players as such, we would like to plug our new BuzzBot Transfer Rumours feature for premium members. Get all the rumours in one place on Slack with a low/medium/high rating with links to the source of rumours delivered instantly to your phone, just make sure you have turned on notifications to the newΒ #rumours_premium Slack channel.

This Summer represents a fantastic opportunity to make some very nice returns and to assist, we will be announcing more new transfer-related features very soon. We hope you’re excited as we are for the Summer fun to begin.


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