BuzzBot Post Share Split Report Changes – Dividends

When IndexGain premium traders run dividend reports (/igdivs) or match day score reports (/igscores) they will now see the BuzzBot dividend data split into “old money” and “new money”.

In order to keep things consistent and to show true dividends earned per share, we’ve divided all dividends earned before 26th of March 2019 by 3.

BuzzBot Dividend Report

So, when you run /igdivs Messi on Slack now, you will see the report like this:

As you can see, any old dividends earned prior to the share split date (26th March) has been divided by 3. So for example, a treble match day dividend of 12p now shows as 4p. Any double day dividend of 8p now shows as 2.67p.

BuzzBot Match Day Scores Report

For /igscores reports which show the match day scores and dividend wins, you will see the following:

Same principle here where you’ll see the old dividend amounts divided by 3.

BuzzBot Full Player Report

When you run the /igplayerinfo command on Slack, you will also see dividend data (as well as other data) within a players full report.

In this case, dividends have been rounded to the nearest pence for this season.

Be sure to stay tuned on Slack in the #announcements channel for when the BuzzPro reports are all updated also.

Thank you!

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