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Well, what a week it has been in the Football Index World. The Share Split….all that anticipation and now here it is!

Can you imagine being a fly on the wall in FI Towers on Monday night? Adam Cole (CEO) cracking the whip, “Come on boys and girls, if we fook up here the Twitterazzi will slate us, and we can’t just ignore them forever!”.

Don reckons AC probably has a soft spot for Ciaran, the tech guy! A bit like Fergie loved Cantona. King Eric could do no wrong in Fergie’s eyes. “Ciaran, roll this SS stuff out without a hitch, my friend, and you can have a zippy hoodie and FI bag for life with impractically long loopy handles!”….. ”and I’ll chuck in a little bonus, but don’t tell the others!”

Nice to see the regular Mike B (Marketing Director) slots on Talk Sport. Not an easy gig getting your point of view across with that Motley Crew! And you’ve just got to love FI TV, with Tom, bless him! Mrs Don loves Tom, “He’s so cute!” Have you noticed Tom’s guests? Obviously some sort of new employee initiation test! They all look like they’ve been on an all-day bender with AC and the gang, then forced into FI TV studios wearing appropriate FI apparel.

Anyway….Share Split Announcement.

Lovely jubbly.

FI community, suitably impressed! 28% dividend rise, across the board! AC, you are starting to talk Big Dons sort of language (£££)! The week between the announcement and Share Split day saw a lot of trading, even though there was no Performance  Buzz Matches in the time frame.

The internationals had quite an effect on the market. Callum Hudson Odoi and Moise Kean both seeing some frenzied trading action! Quite amazing to see, and they both did pretty well on the international stage. See how it unfolds!

Share Split release day. Mrs Don was sent packing to the Spa for the day, to avoid the stress. She came back 4 hours later with a carrier bag full of groceries! “Jeezus woman!” Luckily for her, she had bought Don some Maltesers, so all was well!

Platform Shut Down Extension till high noon had been announced. Traders were fearing that there would be more chance of play (trading) today than at an Edgbaston test match in the midst of Storm Doris! No need to fear troops! Traders were logging in from 10am on Splitmas Day to encouraging signs. New prices were being displayed and a nice ‘Rounding Up’ of share value had taken place. Excitement mounted! Noon, and first observation the ticker was fixed (hooray!). Trading was taking place at a faster rate than a hungry Gary Newbon gobbling up a room full of vol-au-vents at a Football Index Trader Meet (Dublin!).

The aftermath….

Traders were voicing their opinions all over Twitter and Index Gain. The Ginger Pirlo (vocal FI tweeter and IndexGainer) even voiced his opinion in Costa Coffee, but it fell on deaf ears, and he was left with a skinny latte and chocolate bourbon to mull it all over. Big Don isn’t the mathematical type, but an interesting analogy flashed through his ageing grey matter!……The Football Index Share Split, and the 900 shares to move prices by 1p topic.

If Traders were road users, in the beginning, they were trading on country lanes with slow cars. Having new traders is like having more traffic and 28% increase in dividends is like having faster cars. Hopefully, there will be more traffic to come, maybe we’ll even get faster cars (AC shakes head and goes as white as a ghost)! Football Index have introduced an 8 lane motorway to cope, and as time goes on hopefully this new superhighway will be able to cope with the traffic and all the faster cars! Stop shaking your head, The Ginger Pirlo!

When Don dines out at his favourite restaurant, he doesn’t tell the chef how to make his beef stroganoff! Sit back and let FI serve up the food!

So now the wait begins for mid-April and the next big Football Index announcement. Something to do with a summer dividend bonanza! (Don’t look so worried AC…those pockets look deep). There’s always some news to look forward to with Football Index!

Elsewhere in the Football Index news. Chatter has been rife on IndexGain, the Slack community. There really is some good light-hearted and not so light-hearted banter on there. IndexGain banterer of the week award must go to Rob from Coventry, after he released a video of him talking about Football Index with his horses!

Where else could it happen? Don’s been putting it about on Twitter this week. The FI Twitter community seems to have mellowed recently. Whisper it. There is even a bit of a feel-good factor in the air there!

People seem to be coming to terms with life after the split. It’s quite a psychological change, but it will bed-in in time. Don is struggling a bit, as he had kind of learned the old market and how all the numbers and prices related to each other, relearning will likely take a week or two. Once the new Dividends kick in and the football is back, it will all start making a bit more sense.

Plus, FI have just announced that In Play Dividends are going to be paid daily from next week. This is great news!  In short – give it time folks!

Anyway, Mrs Don is shouting. Chores, Chores, Chores! Will try and report back next week! Trade Well Donsters!

Football Index Big Don

“If it ain’t Big then it ain’t Don!”

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