February 2019 Football Index & Market Round Up

February on Football Index has pretty much been around the subject of the upcoming share split in March and anticipation of dividend changes – which has meant we’ve seen some volatility on the index as traders adjust portfolios ready for the announcement in a few weeks time.

TryJan users seem to have settled in and familiarised themselves well with the rules and current market activity as we’ve seen & received feedback from many new traders who have join the IndexGain Slack community in Feb.

So what’s been happening here at IndexGain in Feb?

Launch of our BuzzBot MyPort functionality on Slack which allows premium traders to add players to a portfolio tracker tool and then monitor their price movements over any time frame. Check out this blog post for more information.

We also added MyList which allows premium traders to add players to a watchlist and then monitor the prices of players on Slack. Here’s a video demo on your YouTube channel.

Finally, we launched a bunch of new /igmoves commands which allows premium traders to view price changes by team, positions, leagues and much more. Check out this blog post to find out what the new commands are.

So, let’s round up what’s occurred in February…

Total Dividend Winners (BuzzBot report):

Messi wins 44p in dividends in February, pipping Pogba by 1p who finished in 2nd place.

Top 10 Yields from Top 200:

Ozil and Lukaku ended Feb well and make the top 10 yielders for the month.

Match Day Dividend Winners:

We saw Messi win a hat trick of dividends in February – a single match day, double match day and a treble match day including star man in the double and treble.

Media Buzz Dividend Winners:

Ozil and Lukaku ended February on a high and finished 2nd and 3rd in the media tables.

Largest Price Increases From Top 200:

Che Adams setting the top 200 alight followed by some transfer spec players. Almiron is one who has been talked about quite a bit towards the latter part of February.

Largest Price Fallers From Top 200:

Goretzka has gone from largest riser in January (93%) to second largest faller (-22%) in February. Some big names in that decrease list.

Largest Price Rises From the Squad:

En-Nesyri was the largest riser in the squad in Feb after a back to back match day dividend wins on 4th and 10th of Feb.

Team Stats:

Napoli racked up the most match day points in Feb but did not feature in the top 10 match day dividend winners table.

Leverkusen playing Boszball is evident as they finished 4th in the match day points table – their new possession style of play should see some of their players rack up some decent scores going forward.

In terms of dividend wins, Barcelona (Messi) finish top followed by Betis and Leverkusen for match day dividends won in Feb.

Premium members can use the Team Statistics report to view this data.

Price of the top 200:

Top 200 price (blue line) was pretty flat in the middle of Feb and had a late surge – there were a lot more down days compared to Jan obviously (9 days).

Price of the top 2000:

The price chart and daily change for the top 2000 players makes a bit more of a pleasant view after a torrid start to the month. You can see the 3 consecutive negative days at the beginning of the month.

Price time series chart is free to view for all traders where you can view the price charts for the top 25, 50, 100, 200, 1000 and even 2000.

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