Introducing BuzzBot MyPort to Track Your Football Index Portfolio Price Changes

‘Which players are responsible for the change in my portfolio value?’

It’s a familiar question you ask yourself when you refresh that portfolio page, whether it’s good or bad news as the figure loads. Whether you’re flying in the green or the red/blue is creeping in, it’s natural to want to know where you are gaining or losing money.

Some people keep a daily spreadsheet, some just let it ride. You can check the increase and decrease lists on the Football Index app, but there is every player on there whether you own them or not.

You can check the current BuzzBot /igmoves report on Slack and narrow it down slightly by the Top 200 or the squad, but again it’s not going to display all *your* players.

You can even use various BuzzPro reports to see your portfolio by selecting all your players from the player list and see their movements over the last 7 days down to the last few hours.

However, it can be time-consuming if you own a lot of players and isn’t easy to see on the go.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see the 24hr or 7-day price movements on the portfolio screen?

Well, unfortunately, you can’t.

But with IndexGain’s BuzzBot trading tool you can now go one better!

The new /igmoves myport command will display your portfolios risers and fallers without all the noise of players you don’t own! Add the timeframe you want to the command and you’ll be able to see how your portfolio has been doing over any time period you wish, from your mobile or desktop – anytime, anywhere!

So how does it work, simple…

  1. Run the /igplayerinfo command on Slack for the player you want BuzzBot to add to your portfolio list.
  2. Click the ‘Add to MyPort’ or “Add to MyList’ button as shown below…

3) The player is now in your portfolio list and BuzzBot will include the player in your personalised portfolio price move report. Repeat this process for all the players you want to add to your list. You will only need to do this once and there is no limit on how many players you can add to your list.

4) Once you have added your players to your list, you can now type the command /igmoves myport followed by a time frame of your be it 3 minutes or 90 days. BuzzBot will show you price changes for the players in your portfolio for the time frame you specified…so for example /igmoves myport 2h (2 hours).

5) To remove the player just run the /igplayerinfo command again and click ‘Remove From MyPort’

The above makes it quick and easy to keep your IndexGain MyPort list up to date.

We also have another option MyList, which works in exactly the same way as MyPort. The purpose of MyList is to monitor players you don’t currently hold but are on your radar, your own watchlist. Click ‘Add to MyList’ via player reports and then run the price moves for it using /igmoves mylist followed by a time frame.

MyPort/MyList Price Move Notifications

Alerts/notifications are set up to trigger for the following thresholds and over a 60 minute look up window:

More than £3 = 2% change
£3 to £1.50 = 3% change
£1.49 to 75p = 4% change
Less than 75p = 5% change

When a player in your portfolio or watch list has moved above or below the threshold (price rise or price drop) then you will see an alert/notification under the “Apps” heading where you will see BuzzBot and a red icon. BuzzBot is sending you a DM so you will receive this via push notification on your mobile too if you have Slack on your phone.

Once you view your alert it will look like this….

This is a private channel between you and BuzzBot and the commands you run will be saved here for longer than they would be if ran on public channels.

Lastly if you would like to do a bulk clear down of all players in either your MyList or MyPort (rather than delete one by one), just type clear into the BuzzBot channel, and Buzz will delete the list you choose.

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