Building a Portfolio With a Limited Starter Budget

Here on IndexGain we’ve seen an overwhelming amount of new traders join the community and sign up to access reports and player data to help construct and build solid starter portfolios.

Many of these traders starting off their football index experience with a limited budget, say £100.

What can you do with £100 though?

When you first join Football Index you see household names such as Neymar, Pogba, Rashford and Mbappe and they are all seen a tad expensive if you only have a limited budget.

Owning 1 share in the top 5 isn’t fun. Well, it might be the right thing for some.

So how you do go about selecting players with a starter £100?

When you sign up to IndexGain, free members get access to 3 basic starter reports.

A player screener, previous dividend winners and a basic fixture schedule by match day type.

Using the basic player screener, you can filter players by prices and data that fit into your budget and allow you to own enough shares to make Football Index an enjoyable experience and one you can benefit from by gaining larger profits.

So, you may decide to filter to view players in the £0 to £1 bracket – this means you can own more futures or shares in that player.

Then, you may decide to filter by age and only view players who are aged between 17 and 28 years old.

Many players aged in this bracket may not even play often so you’ll want to pick from players who play regularly. So, using the appearances filter we can krank that up to players who have appeared in 15 games or more.

Now the pool of players you have to choose from are much more concise.

How do I know if any of these players are good though?

As you may know, each player is awarded match day or PB points for various actions as the match progresses.

You’ll want to pick players who are able to score well consistently as well as able to achieve winning scores. There’s very little point in picking players who do not score well if you are playing for dividends.

But if you are playing for in-play dividends or price rises, then some of these low scoring players could well turn out to be good picks for you.

So, there are two filters to help you weed out the low scorers. PB avg and PB max. As you can see below, I’ve set the minimum average to 90 and the max score minimum to 180.

I want to see players who score near to 100 most games (PB average) but are able to score well over 180 (PB Max) in order to be in contention of winning dividends.

Once you’ve done that, you will be left with a pool of players who match you criteria and knowing they perform well also.

Here’s a snap shot of what you will see..

Some Players to Research Further…

There you go, now you have some players to go research further by checking their match stats on sites like Sofascore or Whoscored.

You can also have a read of this super helpful blog post to help you ask the right questions before buying into a player. It’s important to have researched as much as possible by asking the right questions to begin with.

If you want more data, upgrade to premium membership…

Upgrading to Premium unlocks lots of price and match data in BuzzPro reports for you to really deep dive into player stats and compare a range of players with each other.

Who has lots of shots per game?

Who is involved in build up plays?

Who crosses in volume and potentially on set pieces?

Which players are beginning to trend up in price?

BuzzPro has even more detailed reports around players, teams, match reports and more….

Why not sign up to IndexGain and use the player screener for yourself and see if you can find some hidden, not so obvious gems.

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