Introducing Free Reports for all Football Index Traders + Premium Feature Update

Hello Traders,

What a time to be alive on the index! The Footie is flying and so (hopefully) are many of your portfolios. The ‘Try January’ campaign seems to have been an inspired bit of marketing by the FI team as well as other advertising avenues bringing in new users by the bucketload and moving Football Index closer to mass market awareness. Last Friday was a record day in terms of signups on the index after a particularly brilliant segment by Mike on TalkSport.

There have been some interesting market moves this month, most likely brought about by the inflow of new trader investment. There will, of course, be many winners but also a few losers from these player spikes. It’s important that new traders can learn from their mistakes and realise how they can invest their capital better. That way, new traders are much more likely to stick around past that initial trading flurry and keep overall retention moving upwards (which ultimately benefits us all in the long run). My inbox has been absolutely flooded the past couple of weeks with newbie related questions.

So with that in mind, IndexGain would like to announce our new dashboard with 3 data reports available to all traders for free.

What’s on the new Free Members Dashboard?

Tons of resources in explaining all things FI – dividends, deadlines and much more. More importantly, we’re also offering basic versions of 3 of our premium BuzzPro reports, namely

  • Basic Player Screener – allows traders to view top-level data and stats for each player on Football Index, such as Average/Max Match day scores so to help them compare against other players in the same league, team or position.
  • Dividend Winners Table – complete dividend history every day this season. Filter the list by dividend type to see who has won media previously or filter by match day type or by date.
  • Basic Fixture Schedule – Plan ahead by viewing who plays in upcoming single, double or treble dividend match days for the entire rest of season.

Screenshot of the Basic Player Screener Report

All you need to do to view this information is to create an account for free and then login and the dashboard will appear as your landing page. View these reports on your desktop or tablet rather than mobile for best results.

Here’s a quick video walkthrough for free members of IndexGain covering each report:

The other 22+ advanced BuzzPro reports and BuzzBot commands are only available for those that upgrade to premium.

Great Stuff but I’m Premium what about me?

DCA, our developer-in-chief, is in the lab as we speak after we spent the Christmas period dreaming up an entirely brand new Buzz tool for our premium members. All I can say at this stage without DCA getting his frown on, is that it’s coming soon and will allow a level of Football Index research not possible until now. We will also be adding new BuzzBot commands over the coming weeks as well as working through the suggestions list we have received from several of our Premium members.

So that’s it for now. Any help in spreading the word about the free data that we’re offering will be very much appreciated. Helping new traders understand the rules of FI and how they can trade effectively will help take the product to the next level and beyond. IndexGain would like to help, if in only some small way, in achieving that.

Happy trading,


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