The Crowdsourced Football Index Glossary

We’ve seen an influx of new users on IndexGain asking what various things mean which they may have seen, read or heard on various platforms or ads when joining Football Index.

So we thought we’d open it up to our members to help us put together a list of popular terms to help new traders get to grips with Football Index as quickly as possible.

So here it is…

4pmDeadline for match day and media dividends
23.59.59Can buy players to earn in-play dividends for that day by this time
Average PBUsed by data sites like IndexGain to help traders view the average PB or match day scores for a season
BaselineA players match day score without game winning goal, goals, assists or win points
BidPlace a bid to buy at a lower price than the current buy price
BuzzBotA bot used on the Slack app/website by IndexGain to provide traders with player data to help with research
BuzzProA series of advanced, interactive, filterable reports on the IndexGain website for premium members
Cap App (or CA)Stands for capital appreciation Making money via price rises.
Commissiona flat 2% fee paid on the total sale value to Football Index
DiversifyMeans to have a spread of players and not focused in any one area or single player/team
DivsShortened term for dividends
FlipA strategy to buy and sell players very quickly
FOMOFear of missing out
G&A divsStands for goals and assists and is now known as in-play dividends (Goals, assists and clean sheets)
GWGStands for game winning goal and is an action on the match day scoring criteria.
IPDStands for in-play dividends
IPOStands for Initial public offering and is the method for adding new players onto the Index
ISInstant sell – one of the two ways to sell a player
Live rankingsViewable on the app or website where the daily scores are published in real time
MatchedWhen a bid is matched with a an instant sell
MBAlso known as media buzz which in turn is now called media rankings/dividends
MEMatching Engine
MyIGIndexGain Portfolio Management Tool
P&DStands for Pump and dump. Traders will big a specific player up with the view of artificially driving up his price in order for them to sell. New traders will often chase these rises and the main holder will then sell for a profit.
PBAlso known as performance buzz which in turn is now called match day rankings/dividends
Peak score (or overs)Used by data sites to provide traders with a players highest match day score this season
Queue sell (or market sell)The other method to sell a player by waiting in a queue to another trader – on a first come first served basis
Sell PriceAverage price of 300 top bids
SpreadDifference between the buy price and the sell price
SSStands for share split
Star manThe highest points scorer on a match day
TrackersTotal price of 1 share of the top 10, 25, 50, 100 players at the time of purchase
TUTStands for Top up time. Traders often buy more of a player who has fallen in price.
YieldThe amount a player has earned in dividends over a period of time – can use % or £

If you don’t see a term up there in the list but know of one then tweet us @indexgain or leave a message in the #help channel on Slack and tag @bishop into the message and we’ll add it asap.


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