Football Index Dividends and Deadlines Explained

Here’s a quick guide to explain how the match day (performance) and media dividends and deadlines work on Football Index.

Match Day and Media Dividends

Firstly, let’s look at which competitions you get match day or performance dividends for…

So players who participate in the above competitions all qualify to win match day dividends.

Media dividends can be won by any player on the index although it’s very UK focused so mainly EPL players win media dividends.

Secondly, depending on how many games are being played on that day, they win the below amounts for each position (GK/Def, Mids, Fwds)…

Match Day & Media Dividend Table

So, when there are more than 15 games on, this is a treble day, then each players from each position are playing for a 5p per share dividend. The highest points scorer on the day is also awarded a 2p star man dividend bonus.

If there’s only 1 game on then it’s a single day and players are playing for a 2p dividend plus a 1p star man dividend. When there are matches being played, the media dividend is 2p and is awarded to the top player only.

When there are no games on from the above competitions, like an international break, it is then a media day where the top 3 ranked media players win dividends of 3p, 2p and 1p respectively.

Remember, all dividends above are PER SHARE so if you own 20 shares in a player and he wins top forward and star man then that is 5p + 2p = 7p per share in total.

In-Play Dividends (IPD’s) for Goals, Assists and Clean Sheets

These dividends are paid out for match for actions like goals, assists and clean sheets on top of the above dividends. Some traders see this as a bonus. Some traders actively just play for these dividends.

IPD’s are only paid for players in the above competitions.

Pay outs are as shown below:

Thing to remember for these dividends is that they are only paid out for the first 30 days you own that player. After 30 days, you can sell and re-buy or just continue holding.

In-play dividends are also applicable for the above PB competitions and the Nations League.

You can read more about In-Play dividends here.


To qualify for performance & media dividends, you need to have purchased the player before 2pm and still be holding that player until dividends are paid out between 12am and 2am that night.

To qualify for In-Play dividends, you can buy up to 11.59pm on the day of the match but must be holding at 12am. You can sell immediately after 12pm. In-play dividends are paid daily at the same time as match day dividends.

As always, do join IndexGain and tweet us about our membership plans so you can see who has won the most dividends over any period.


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