Football Index Dividends and Deadlines Explained

Here’s a quick guide to explain how the match day (performance), media, in-play and team of the month dividends and deadlines work on Football Index.

Eligible Competitions/Leagues/Tournaments

Firstly, let’s look at which competitions you get match day or performance dividends for…

So players who participate in the above competitions all qualify to win match day dividends.

Media dividends can be won by any player on the index although it’s very UK focused so mainly EPL players win media dividends.

Secondly, depending on how many games are being played on that day, they win the below amounts for each position (GK/Def, Mids, Fwds)…

Match Day, Media & Team of the Month & In-Play Dividend Table

Below is a table we’ve put together to show all the dividends on offer on Football Index and the various rules and deadlines for each.

Match day dividends are the bread and butter of the index. Dividends awarded on each match day to the top scoring players in each position category.

Media dividends are awarded to the top player in the media rankings.

Match Day Extra are awarded to the top 2 GK’s each game week with the highest non-winning scores and top 6 def/mid/fwds’s with the highest non-winning scores each gameweek. See this post about Match Day Extra dividends to find out more.

And the new Team of the Month dividends (launched July 2020) for the top scoring GK, 3 defenders, 4 midfielders and 3 strikers – note, winners are based on the sum of their top 3 scores each month.

Team of the Month dividends started from July 2020. More information about how it work can be found here.


To qualify for Match Day & Media dividends, you need to have purchased the player before 4pm and still be holding that player until dividends are paid out the next day around 9am as per T’s and C’s.

To qualify for Match Day Extra, you just need to buy the player before kick of their first game each gameweek.

To qualify for Team of the Month, you will need to have purchased the player before the 21st of each month.

As always, do join IndexGain and tweet us about our membership plans so you can see who has won the most dividends over any period.


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