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Since our interview on the Football Index Guide podcast, we’ve had a flurry of new traders join IndexGain and getting involved in the community on the Slack app.

With this comes common questions and I am sure we’ve all been there once as “newbies”. So we thought we’d collate some of the recent questions asked for those who have yet not joined IndexGain to see them being discussed and to raise as much awareness of the basic rules of Football Index with the wider community in various places.

So let’s begin….

What time to do I need to buy to get dividends?

For in-play dividends, you can buy up to 11.59pm on the day of the game – yes – even after Cazorla scores 2 goals. BUT….you need to be holding at midnight to qualify for these in-play dividends.

To qualify for match day dividends and media dividends, you need to have bought the player before 2pm on the day and still be holding between 12am and 3am when the dividends get processed.

Why has Cazorla gone down 6% after scoring 2 goals?

Cazorla went down 6% because some traders sell low priced players just after midnight to qualify for goals and assists dividends. In this case, he scored two goals and earned holders 4p per share from one game at a price of 65p (price at around 3pm) which equates to 6.15% return.

His price at midnight was 85p. So if you held from 65p to 85p you’d have made 30.7% PLUS the 6.15% in dividends.

That’s some profit!! This is why some traders bank their profits leaving you to wake up to potentially a loss.

What’s GWG I see people talk about?

GWG is an abbreviation for game winning goal and is worth 35 points on the scoring matrix below.

However, a game winning goal is actually worth 106 points because it’s made up of 3 actions:

Shot: 3 points
Shot on target: 5 points
Goal: 40 points
Game winning goal: 40 points
Win: 18 points

TOTAL: 106 points

Why are people buying Defoe?

I guess this is to do with new traders thinking a move to Rangers will get some media attention AND/OR moving to the Scottish Prem will mean Defoe has a chance of earning match day dividends as the league is easier and he’ll score loads of goals.

Firstly, only the following leagues & competitions count for football index:

As you will see, the Scottish Prem is not listed therefore Defoe is worthless. His match performance won’t mean anything. Plus, he needs to be in the top 200 to earn media dividends which he isn’t.

Secondly, if they bought for goals or assists then they don’t count either as it only applies to goals or assists from the above leagues also.

Thirdly, if buying for media, you have to be aware of what else is happening in the football sphere and if there’s bigger, better news out there – on this occasion there was and you couldn’t get much bigger than the Liverpool v City game.

Why did Luiz just jump 25 points after the game?

Defenders get 25 points for a clean sheet and are added AFTER the game whilst all the other points are in real time or live.

It’s the only criteria added AFTER the game.

What do I do next?

Here’s a list of stuff you could do:

  1. Join IndexGain and get involved in the community
  2. Listen to podcasts by Football Index Guide
  3. What his Beginners Guide YouTube video
  4. If you don’t like watching, read our guide instead
  5. Just start trading, start small and monitor the market and movements for a while.
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