December Football Index Round Up


Seriously, what a crazy month on the Index?

Firstly we kick off with IndexGain news. The latest development in BuzzBot reports are under way kicking off with match action data like goals, assists, crosses per game and passes per game being added to the /igplayerinfo report. More info here. We’ve got lots more updates coming soon also so keep logging into the website to check the latest news on your member dashboards.

Secondly, and a big one it is, we got the confirmation of a share split which will be introduced in Q1 2019 from Adam Cole – which is a great thing for new entrants and those with small portfolios. One thing to add, is to ask all of you to help spread the word about the share split by sharing Adam’s update here. It’s important new users know and stick around for when it does happen.

Thirdly, the Mourinho sacking resulted in a whirlwind of trading on the index and now it seems Pogba has become an even bigger talking point than when Mourinho was still manager.

Let’s have a look at how December (up to the 30th) shaped up in terms of winners and losers….

Total Dividend Winners (BuzzBot report):

Pogba smashing dividend wins in December with £1.09 dividends and add a £4.55 rise in the month too!

Performance Buzz Dividend Winners:

Kimmich leads the dividend table for December and two consecutive PB wins for Pogba and Griezmann pushed them into 3rd and 4th.

Media Buzz Dividend Winners:

No words really.

Largest Price Increases From Top 200:

Mourinho sacking had a positive impact on United players and as we head into the Jan window, some of the transfer movers made some big moves in the month.

Largest Price Fallers From Top 200:

Some big names dropping in price in December either down to poor form or the winter break.

Largest Price Rises From the Squad:

Leicester midfielder the biggest riser from the squad in December – he now seems to have got himself a regular spot in the starting 11.

Risen in price by more than £1 (BuzzPro report):

Pogba leads price appreciation table for December followed by Rashford and Kimmich. Is Kimmich the only defender worth buying more of?

Premium members can use the Total Player Return report to view this data.

Team PB Scores:

Usual suspects form the top team PB scores in December. PSG, with the lack of games this month, moved down a few places.

Chelsea continue to top the PB points total for the 3rd month running but are the 9th best team of PB dividends.

Premium members can use the Team Statistics report to view this data.

Team PB Dividend Wins:

Bayern lead the dividend wins table mainly down to Kimmich and Thiago.  PSG and Barca players come in 2nd and 3rd.

Liverpool defence earned a few dividends in December, VVD in the main.

Premium members can use the Team Statistics report to view this data.

Price of the top 25:

Normally we look at the top 2000 price chart but for December, we focus on the top 25…which makes more of an interesting viewing due to the confirmation of the share split in Q1 of 2019.

Price time series chart is free to view for all traders.


It’s been a good month for the FOOTIE in December with 22 consecutive positive days.

Price time series chart is free to view for all traders.

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